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The Creative Genius Corner

Lessons, musings and advice from the author of ‘The Life I Won’

Four giant steps outside your comfort zone

Outside is scary. Outside makes you feel uncomfortable, uncomforted and exposed. Outside is a place where you might fail or be hurt, so you stay inside protecting yourself and those you love. You pass on your comfort zone to your family and loved ones like a fearful legacy. It’s time...

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Are you holding back your brilliance?

So many women I meet are afraid. I don’t mean scared of the dark or spiders, I mean afraid to be themselves. It is almost like they have been shrunk. Their brilliance dimmed to the point that you need to squint to see it.

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How do you keep your vision crystal clear?

As I write this, I am facing having to move to Scotland with nowhere to live! I have bought an amazing seven bedroomed property as a stepping stone to my castle, but it needs fully renovating so I can’t live in it. I need somewhere to rent and there is...

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Loneliness to leadership.

I face self-esteem and loneliness issues in the women I work with every single day, even when they are surrounded by people. Let’s explore some of the reasons behind why so many feel lonely in a world so connected and how to step into your power...

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Manifesting your perfect life.

I don’t have a magic wand, a huge influential network or the luck of the Irish. I just became an expert at programming! Nope, not computers, I am a complete novice (that was the nice word). What I do understand and always have is the power of thought.

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There’s an IMPOSTER in my head!

Our brains are like computers. We store images, feelings and experiences so that we can draw on them whenever we are faced with something new. They give us a reference of how to act or behave in any given situation...

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How to build a creative mind

As an artist and author, most assume I’m talking about writing or painting when I say 'Creativity.' What I’m actually talking about is a process, not creating specific things!

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