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When the Universe aligns for you…

I made the BIG decision to follow my BIG goal of buying a castle in Scotland and take the first step.

I decided to sell my current dream home, find a stepping stone house in Scotland and put myself in the place I want to be so that I could ‘feel it’.

This was HUGE for me; we had bought our dream home in 2019 for cash and experienced the achievement of the biggest goal ever in doing so. It was the perfect home for my family – me, my husband Gary, our 2 kids Dan & Becca and our dogs Jet & Beau.

Then the virus arrived and on Tuesday 24th March 2020 and my beloved husband Gary went for his weekly dialysis session and never came home. He was taken to Cramlington hospital and then transferred to the Freeman hospital in Newcastle where he stayed until he died on 29th April. Because of COVID I could not be with him, but I begged the hospital to allow me to say goodbye and was granted permission on 26th April.

The toughest 3-days of my life I can tell you!

It has taken me a full year to get anywhere near back to ‘normal’.  But what is normal anyway? What I learned was that we must seize the moment and live life to the full. 

When I was 18 and ready to take on the world.

I went to Uni in Edinburgh and then worked in Scotland for a few years whilst on the road for Somerfield. I developed a real love of it and I always wanted to go back. When I met Gary, I discovered he felt the same! We could not move there together because his treatment was in Newcastle, but we took 3 – 4 holidays a year on the West Coast, Dunoon, and Loch Lomond.

As a widow now I have a duty to live the rest of my life with joy and I decided I want to live it in Scotland. I have been talking about my goal to buy a Scottish castle and run creative retreats openly on social media for over a year. I was thinking big and prepared to manifest big. So NOW was the time to just do it!

I put our home on the market on Tuesday 23rd  March 2021, exactly a year after Gary was taken to hospital and never came home. I sold it on Wednesday 24th March to the first viewers at full asking price.

I then viewed 5 properties on Saturday 27th March and the perfect property was there. I made an offer; it was accepted, and I am off to Scotland. In less than a week I had manifested my goals.

This is no ordinary house, it has 7 bedrooms, a 20 x 10 studio, a walled garden and the potential for me to hold my retreats. The universe gave me what I needed right now instead of me having to wait. 

Having spent my life manifesting what I wanted, I had created the path to my new chapter in less than 7 days.

So here are my top tips for you on manifesting your biggest dreams.

Think BIG

Ask for the biggest thing that you can imagine. I focused on a castle because I had a purpose in holding retreats there. You don’t always get exactly what you ask for, so your job is to ask for what is at the top of your list and notice what is offered. Sometimes what you receive is better for you and cuts the lead time. Accept it with gratitude, fully immerse yourself into it and keep asking BIG. There is no point thinking small, be bold, be outrageous and be confident!

Act as if it is already yours

I knew I was going to do this. There were zero doubts. I had decided that I was packing my home. I started to have a clear out of the garden and garage in readiness before my home even went on the market. I was already living in a castle! So, when this house came across my radar, I was like ‘hmmm this would be a great property to make into a mini version of a castle, a practice run’.

Your ability to see the opportunity is stronger the more you believe that you already have it. It is yours, so just do it!

Get excited!

Honestly… get really excited about it. None of this ‘hope for the best, plan for the worst’ shit. Just go bold, nothing less is acceptable. Talk about your goal in a high vibe excited way. Ooze and gush about it. Create mood boards, vision boards, anything that you can look at and feel the excitement daily.

Use language like ‘when we live in the castle we will…..’ I have been doing this for over a year. Don’t let the party poopers get you down, just ignore them. They need to get more excited about life. You don’t need to be less. 

Give yourself permission to dream

Stop telling yourself that you ‘can’t’ or you ‘shouldn’t’. You can and you should do everything that sets your soul on fire!

You don’t need to live anybody else’s life but your own so make it the best. You are making an epic movie called ‘my life’ make it an Oscar winner. Steam roller over the naysayers and let them kiss your ass as you pass them on your way up.

You have this in you so let it out.

Celebrate every little win

People love to find fault.

I had a comment this very week from someone who said, ‘what happened to the castle then?’ I am going to let you imagine my response. Why does it have to be what you told everybody about or got excited about? It is a version of that thing on your way towards it. Do you stay small and wait for the big thing or do you go with what is there right now?

Go for it and celebrate every step no matter how small!

Tell the world

Shout it from the rooftops ‘I’m on my way’. Your diversions and detours don’t matter, you are still on your way.

Tell everyone, talk about it, bring it to life in your heart and mind. Give others something to talk about and judge you for and be proud. Am I bothered that step one is not a castle? Nope. I am closer to that big dream than I was yesterday, and I am happy about that.

Be happy with whatever action you take. You’ve got this lady; I can feel it!

Surround yourself with believers


From the bottom of my very soul please get rid of those who don’t support you, use that delete button!

When you surround yourself with people who want you to succeed, you are more likely to do it. There are several phrases that many people wish they used more during their lifetime and many of them end in ‘off’.

Wave goodbye to the energy suckers, the positivity vacuums and the clinical neg heads.

Welcome with open arms your cheerleaders and lovers.

Be your own biggest cheerleader and the rest will come.

I hope that my ramblings resonated with you and you can feel that fire in your belly right now. It’s burning with drive, motivation and passion for your goals.

Feel it. Listen to it and then go get it!

Send me your wins so that I can get excited with you and be your biggest cheerleader. If you want to work on your mindset and develop the tools that allow you to think bigger here is a gift from me to you. My 21-day Mindset Transformation Program which is normally £197 at HALF PRICE.

You need to start somewhere, so why not right here, right now?

Love and Colour


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