Mandy Nicholson

FREE Overcoming Fear Guide

Helps artists and creatives to feel the fear and keep going

I know that life is scary at times. Unpredictable, challenging and sometime just downright unfair.

I have been there, at rock bottom scared to step into my full potential, you are not alone.

So, if you feel like…

  • You are holding yourself back from achieving your dreams?
  • You are allowing fear to stop you in your tracks?
  • You are playing small to avoid judgement?

Then I have a simple guide to help you think about becoming more FEARLESS.

Many of the clients I work with now are scared to charge their worth, they feel like people just won’t pay for their work.

If you are sick of…

Giving your work away for free or ridiculously low prices.

Mates rates!

Daring to have big dreams for yourself and your business.

Then start with something simple and see if it helps. 12 years ago, I lost everything and ended up going from abundance to bankrupt. That was a scary place I can tell you, but taking small steps, one at a time, helped.

You need to go at your pace but accept guidance.

I offer you this guidance in my Overcoming Fear Guide for Creatives.

Take the first step and see where it leads.

Who Is Mandy Nicholson?

Hi, I’m Mandy

12 years ago I lost everything, and I mean everything. I was a 6 figure senior leader in retail but due to a series of unfortunate events I ended up with £30 in the bank, an old banger of a car, and living in social housing as a single mum.

I hit rock bottom. And since things couldn’t get worse from there, I decided to build my own business as an artist.

And guess what? In October 2019 I bought my £400k house, in cash! Then despite the death of my husband in 2020 I have followed my dream of owning a Scottish castle and sold up and moved to Scotland in 2021 – I am currently renovating my Mini Castle so that I can hold creative retreats for women like you. I have turned my life around, on my own. Now I want to share with you some of the lessons and techniques that I used to create a highly profitable creative business.

Love & Colour