The Life I Won by A. J. King is an inspirational story about what really matters when you lose everything.

Listen to the author, Mandy Nicholson (pen name A. J. King) read the first two chapters absolutely FREE.

Dear fellow human,

I know that life can feel like a challenge at times, in fact, I know better than most because I experienced more than my fair share of challenges in the space of 12 months.

You are a born survivor, it may not feel like it right now, but you are.

‘Life is hard, and money is tight’

‘I don’t know if I can keep going’

‘Why am I even bothering’

I know you have said these things, so have I, the more you say them the more they stick.

But you can change your thinking.

In my book I tell a fictionalised version of my story based on real life events. I share raw emotions, the things that go on behind closed doors that nobody ever discusses, and I explore the true nature of relationships.

In this book you will discover:

  • How I coped with all of the most stressful things that can happen to you
  • Just how cruel life can be at times
  • Why those closest to you can sometimes be your biggest nemesis
  • Coping strategies for overwhelm
  • How to deal with being at rock bottom and brace yourself to bounce back up

You will listen to me reading the very beginning of what becomes a jaw dropping story of resilience and survival. You will hear me start to share an emotional journey with you that took courage to write.

 I wrote it for you…

  • To inspire you to keep going no matter what
  • To encourage you to overcome the things you think you can’t
  • To convince you that you have the strength
  • To let you know that you are not alone
  • To show you that it can be done

I am no different to you. I am just a girl from Manchester who now lives in Scotland with a very big story to tell. They say that everyone has a book in them, well I believe that this is the truth. When I sat down to write my story the first time it was like pulling teeth. I ended up spilling coffee on my laptop, losing what I had written and starting again 6 years later. That weekend I wrote 18,000 words and they flowed from my fingers.

I had a message to share with the world, with YOU!

One that will…

  • Help you face what feels overwhelming
  • Help you come up with a starting point for recovery
  • Feel like you can instead of you can’t
  • Find strength that you didn’t know was there
  • Find a community of like-minded people, starting with me

Who is Mandy Nicholson, AKA, A. J. King?

Mandy is 57 years old and an artist, coach and author living in Scotland. In 2009 she experienced a series of unfortunate events that would test the strongest person. She survived and learned lessons that would set her up for a dramatic turnaround. Making her story into a work of fiction was the only way she could tell it.

This is the first of three books that will share her story of losing everything only to eventually find her holy grail.

Her artwork depicts women and their power, the Scottish landscape and her website showcases all her creative works and her powerful signature coaching programme ‘The Creative Mastermind.’

Find her at

The Book Synopsis

A gripping tale of strength, resilience and of how life can be devastating yet beautiful at the same time.

She was born to a working-class family in Manchester. Her father was her inspiration. She idolised this charismatic man, and he told her every day that she was special. Emulating her beloved father’s work ethic, Mandy worked on a market stall at thirteen years old, then went off to university at eighteen, always working to help financially. From nothing and nowhere she built a successful career in an unexpected place. She was admired, respected and had made it.

Then her world literally fell apart and life took her on a journey from abundance to rock bottom. There were lessons to be learned on this rocky road and if she wanted to stay alive, it was her duty to learn them.

Facing relentless challenges, losing people she loved and every penny she had, many would have given up. But not this woman, because her dad had told her she was special.

Heart-breaking, enlightening and ultimately uplifting, The Life I Won tells a story of success despite adversity. It will teach you that if you have the right attitude, you can play the game of life and win, no matter how bad it seems.

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