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Thousands of artists and creatives are making money with their magic right now.
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Over the course of 5 days, you’ll discover:

  • What’s truly stopping you from making money right now (and how to get rid of it)

  • How to find out what you want to sell and to whom (time to remove all the guesswork!)

  • My secret pricing strategy (find out what you can sell for how much and how many)

  • Where to find the people who happily open their purse to buy from you

  • How to advertise yourself authentically (no need to be manipulative or slimy EVER)

  • And most importantly – how to make your creative business uniquely yours and fun!

What’s Included?

Sign up and you’ll get:

  • 5 days of LIVE content. Yes, the challenge includes live sessions. So be present, prepare to take notes, and participate to get the maximum out of the 5 days!

  • Daily Challenge tasks. These tasks take no longer than 20 minutes a day and they are the building blocks of your successful creative business!

  • You’ll also receive an accompanying workbook to take notes and scribble down your aha moments and learnings.

  • Access to our secret Facebook group where you can connect with fellow creatives and like-minded people.

  • Daily Q&A Sessions in the afternoon. I’ll personally answer all your burning questions.

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Are you?

  • An Artist, author or creative 
  • Ready to grow and scale 
  • Struggling to make money 
  • Craving a stable income 
  • Wanting to have a creative career 
  • Ready to commit to your future self
  • Eager to get recognised for your talents
  • Willing to embrace your creativity 

If so, this free challenge is for you!

Who Is Mandy Nicholson?

Hi, I’m Mandy

12 years ago I lost everything, and I mean everything. I was a 6 figure senior leader in retail but due to a series of unfortunate events I ended up with £30 in the bank, an old banger of a car, and living in social housing as a single mum.

I hit rock bottom. And since things couldn’t get worse from there, I decided to build my own business as an artist.

And guess what? In October 2019 I bought my house, in cash! Then despite the death of my husband in 2020 I have followed my dream of owning a Scottish castle and sold up and moved to Scotland in 2021 – I have renovated my Mini Castle to hold creative retreats for women like you. I have turned my life around, on my own. Now I want to share with you some of the lessons and techniques that I used to create a highly profitable creative business.

Love & Colour



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