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Dear Creative Soul,

I know what you are going through. Because 12 years ago I was you. Drained, restless, and confused.

You are born with the gift to create, and all you ever wanted is to pursue your gifts and talents – but since your early childhood everyone around you has told you it’s impossible.

“You have to get a proper job.”

“You’ll be living on the poverty line.”

“Be a good kid and study law or economics, the art thing is too risky.”

You heard sentences like these so often, you started to believe them. But no matter how hard you try to shut out your creative side, it always comes back.

You can’t drown out your true calling - and you shouldn’t!

Let’s flip the script! Instead of drowning out the calling of your heart, it’s time to drown out the voices of the nay-sayers! Because the truth is, thousands of Artists and Creatives are making money with their magic right now. It’s your turn to join them.

I’ll show you my proven business-building strategies so you can start or further your creative business within 5 days.

Over the course of 5 days, you’ll discover:

  • What’s truly stopping you from making money right now (and how to get rid of it)
  • How to find out what you want to sell and to whom (time to remove all the guesswork!)
  • My secret pricing strategy (find out what you can sell for how much and how many)
  • Where to find the people who happily open their purse to buy from you
  • How to advertise yourself authentically (no need to be manipulative or slimy EVER)
  • And most importantly – how to make your creative business uniquely yours and fun!

Who Is This Challenge For?

This challenge is meant for creative women who are ready to leave misery behind and want to make a stable income with their magic!

Sign up if you are ready to discover what’s possible in your creative career.

What’s Included?

Sign up and you’ll get:

  • 5 days of LIVE content. Yes, the challenge includes live sessions. So be present, prepare to take notes, and participate to get the maximum out of the 5 days!
  • Daily Challenge tasks. These tasks take no longer than 20 minutes a day and they are the building blocks of your successful creative business!
  • You’ll also receive an accompanying workbook to take notes and scribble down your aha moments and learnings.
  • Access to our secret Facebook group where you can connect with fellow creatives and like-minded people.
  • Daily Q&A Sessions in the afternoon. I’ll personally answer all your burning questions.

Plus, if you sign up now, you get exclusive access to my “Creative Archetype Quiz.” on day 1 of the challenge. The quiz reveals where you are on your creative business journey and what your next steps are.

The 5-day challenge is completely free and there will be an opportunity to work closely with me after the challenge.
So, take the 5-day challenge as a “test drive” and see for yourself if you want more!

Because you are creative you tend to think that these things are Not for the likes of me.

You couldn’t be more wrong! Scroll down to see the live comments from the last challenge.

Real life creative women just like you experiencing growth and change.

I know that your mind literally never slows down.

You chase shiny objects and the next big idea instead of focusing on what makes money now.

You have difficulty staying on task.

You experience highs and lows in your work and this impacts your productivity and profit.

You are NOT alone and you are NOT crazy.

So many of the women who participate in the Challenge feel this way.

But the growth on the other side is exponential.

Don’t take my word for it, read the comments of real women!

Who Is Mandy Nicholson?

Hi, I’m Mandy

12 years ago I lost everything, and I mean everything. I was a 6 figure senior leader in retail but due to a series of unfortunate events I ended up with £30 in the bank, an old banger of a car, and living in social housing as a single mum.

I hit rock bottom. And since things couldn’t get worse from there, I decided to build my own business as an artist.

And guess what? In October 2019 I bought my £400k house, in cash! Then despite the death of my husband in 2020 I have followed my dream of owning a Scottish castle and sold up and moved to Scotland in 2021 – I am currently renovating my Mini Castle so that I can hold creative retreats for women like you. I have turned my life around, on my own. Now I want to share with you some of the lessons and techniques that I used to create a highly profitable creative business.

Love & Colour