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 (I love alliteration I do!)

Does this ring a bell?

‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’

Or this?

‘Do you think I’m made of money’

What about?

‘Rich people are not nice people’

There are so many women out there who have been raised in this lack mindset.

Money was tight post war, and a generational message was transmitted that had its roots in lack.

How about flipping the script and thinking in abundance instead?

Abundance is what I want for you because there is enough to go around.

There is enough wealth

There are enough resources

There are people who want to buy from you at a price you deserve

You formed your perception of money at around the age of 7 years old, so if you were hearing statements like the one’s above then no wonder you struggle now.

So, if you…

  • Struggle to charge your worth.
  • Keep giving products and time away for free?
  • Can’t see yourself as a wealthy woman.

My FREE Mini Money audio program will start you on the right path.

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  • Lesson 1

    Money doesn't grow on trees

  • Lesson 2

    Do I really have to work so hard for money?

  • Lesson 3

    How is your relationship with money?

  • Lesson 4

    The struggling artist!

  • Lesson 5

    Assets & Liabilities

  • Lesson 6

    You deserve to be wealthy!

Who Is Mandy Nicholson?

I had it all in 2009, a 6-figure career, the perfect nuclear family, the chocolate box cottage, 2 cars, holidays abroad, you name it.

Then due to a series of unfortunate events over the course of 12-months I lost everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!

I ended up a penniless single mum, living in social housing with £30 in the bank and a clapped out old car.

How the mighty had fallen.

But it was from this place of rock bottom that I learned all I needed about abundance and manifesting my money goals.

10 years later in 2019, I bought my dream home for cash and now in 2022 I have just opened the doors on my 7 bedroomed ‘mini castle’ in Scotland.

Now I help creative women like you to do the same.

Click here and off you go. We all have to start somewhere.