Mandy Nicholson

From Inspired Idea to Published Author Course

Struggling to create and publish your journal, planner, or notebook?

My brand-new ‘From Inspired Idea to Published Author’ mini course will help you to do just that.

I know that there are 100’s of pieces of training and people telling you they can help you out there. It can feel overwhelming. I have two books and one journal published successfully and now I want to help you do the same.

Are you fed up being told that you need to fork out £££’s to have your book published?

I’ve been there myself and have wasted both time and money. 

Does this sound familiar?

  • You have a great idea but just don’t know where to start
  • You log into Amazon and think you can do it but end up giving up after 5 minutes
  • You get your manuscript uploaded and nothing fits

Frustrating, isn’t it?

There is information overload out there! Different people are telling you different things and nobody wants to just share what you need to get the job done.

The Solution One Simple Piece of Training That Walks You Through All You Need!

The most common problem I come across is that people think it is much more difficult than it is. In fact, the ‘gurus’ want you to think it is difficult so that they can make money from you. 

Imagine if you could:

  • Convert your inspired idea into a simple format
  • Have access to simple tips to help you create a manuscript
  • Create your book from content you already have
  • Avoid the common mistakes made by would be authors
  • Feel confident with your decisions
  • Know what to do next to be productive
  • Convert your inspired idea into passive income

All this for the price of a night out!


Rebecca Thompson and her cover for her journal she did in almost a day!

I bought the training for selling a book on Amazon this week.

It’s taken me a little longer than a day, as I have written some new content and admittedly, I’m on version three, but almost there.

I can’t wait to send you a link once it’s approved and published.

I can guarantee you some lovely content, photography and something to be treasured for you and generations to come.

The next one will be for children and it will be my opportunity to introduce to a special little girl.


  • Welcome

  • Video Training

  • 10 Steps To Becoming A Published Author PDF

  • Tips on Canva Design

This mini course teaches you exactly what to do to publish your journal, planner, or notebook on Amazon.
In just a couple of hours you could go from idea to published in just a day!

Here's what you can expect:

  • No-nonsense straight-talking teaching that shows you what to do
  • Links to the sites you need to get started
  • Supporting handouts
  • Bonus free training on how to write short stories

How much is it you ask?

For the cost of weekly family takeaway, you could become a published author. This will create the perfect lead magnet into your business. 

Just £49! 

Who Is This Program For?

  • It’s for you if you have an idea for a journal, planner, or notebook
  • It’s for you if you have done other training and felt confused
  • It’s for you if you have a small budget but need better results
  • It’s for you if you want to act today
  • It’s for you if you want to become a published author

Who Is Mandy Nicholson?

Mandy is a Creative Genius Consultant, Artist, and Author with decades of experience in the business arena. 

12 years ago, Mandy experienced a series of unfortunate events that saw her go from abundance to rock bottom. Over the following 10 years Mandy re-built her life step by step to the point where she was able to buy her dream home for cash. This journey taught her so much about techniques that work and has enabled her to create content that helps her clients today.

This journal was initially created for her Creative Mastermind program and her clients experienced such profound growth when using it that she decided to bring it to market so that she could help more women at an affordable price. 

On a mission to make an impact in the creative space, Mandy is relentless in her efforts to keep her products and services specific for her creative clients. The creative brain can be a beautifully chaotic place and needs the right training and guides to allow it to thrive.