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Why YOU Are the Best Person for The Job!

As creatives we are good at talking ourselves down, particularly in business.

I can almost hear you telling yourself…

These are the three states which dictate how and when I show up online.

Who would buy from me?

I just don’t have enough people on my social media!

I don’t have the confidence to do a livestream.

My product isn’t good enough.

Nobody would buy a course about what I do!

My answer to all the above is ‘YOU are the answer’!

There are people out there making millions with not even 10% of the talent you have, they are just great at marketing and have confidence.

So, let’s start with what I call the Holy Trinity of business, Confidence, Marketing & Sales.

If you look at the statements that I have used as examples above, they are all connected to those three things.


Who would buy from mesubtext – I am not good enough, clever enough, pretty enough, talented enough! 

Whatever your narrative, it has come from life. From the words of others, from our unfair schooling system, from bullies and haters, from your own misconception of your worth. This single thing is a huge barrier to you making more money in your business. You will be using all these justifications to stop you from going live, from posting on social media regularly, from asking for the sale!

The good news is confidence comes from learning and experience so you can change how you feel about yourself. You will need help, this is a fact, but your lack of confidence may be stopping you from asking for help because you think you are a lost cause. YOU ARE NOT! Investing in yourself is one of the most powerful forms of self-care. Your power is immense; you just don’t see it yet and you are absolutely the best person for the job!

Make this your number one goal if you lack confidence or your self-worth is at rock bottom, find the right person to help you to get from where you are now to where you want to be.


I mention marketing a lot because it is the one thing you MUST do in business. Businesses are built and grown not from just a great product or service, but through great marketing. 

You will see it all the time on social media, somebody that you KNOW is not as qualified or talented as you and they are making a ton of money. This is not a reflection of you so STOP comparing yourself.

In the statements I used as examples you are talking yourself out of doing the one thing you need to do, letting people see your product or service. Marketing is nothing more than telling people about what you sell and highlighting the features and benefits.

How does your product or service help the buyer or enhance their life?

Many of the women I work with struggle with this as they can’t visualise how their creative product can enhance people’s lives. Steve Jobs didn’t have a problem telling people how his product could enhance your life and boy did he manage to get an Apple into more than a few homes!!

He was confident, but he marketed the product as second to none. He focused on being the best and made sure that the marketing reflected the features and benefits of his state-of-the-art product whilst he focused on developing it to stay ahead of competition.

How does that relate to my art? 

Well Picasso also focused on being the best and constantly developed his product to stay ahead of the competition and was a great marketer!

The product or service doesn’t matter, it is all about your USP, what makes you different, how do you stand out in the marketplace?

I ONLY work with creative women, I speak directly to creative women, I don’t try and find anybody else. It’s my niche and I stick with it no matter what, it makes me different. There are millions of coaches out there, there are not many who only work with creatives, I stepped into that identity, and I own it.

What are you going to own?


Even the word scares people! The statement ‘who would buy from me’ is your defence mechanism and is stopping you from selling your product or service.

Re-frame this statement to ‘who wouldn’t buy from me’ – because my product is so good!

All the statements I used at the start of this blog are barriers to sales. 

Your job as an entrepreneur is to show up consistently, tell people about what you are selling, highlight the features and benefits of that thing and then ask for the sale.

It’s not as hard as you think!

Hey, I’m Mandy and I have the most amazing product that will completely change your business and ultimately your life in 12 months. As your mentor, I take you by the hand and together we tackle your biggest business challenges. I spent two years of my life writing teaching material that you can learn from at your own pace during our journey together. Twice a week we have a virtual cuppa as a group of creative minds. You bring your question and I help you to solve the problem. You and I meet three times during our time together to level up your business. With me in your corner and an inspiring team and community, your business becomes less daunting, less stressful, and more joyful. Together we grow your successful creative business. Join my upcoming 5-day challenge to get to know me better!

This is one of the many ways I tell people what I do, do you have a paragraph that describes how you help your customer or client?

Sales are a lag indicator of everything else you do, so if you are working on YOU as your greatest asset and religiously doing the marketing for your product or service, then the sales will come.

You need to be visible and consistent, telling people how they can buy and making it easy for them to do so, this is your pathway to success. Successful people are consistent with the small everyday routines. It is never the big stuff that makes a business, but it is always about YOU.

You are the greatest asset, so go out there with confidence and tell the world about your amazing business.

Love & Colour

Mandy x

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