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I am…

Usually, I would introduce myself as a Creative Genius Consultant, Artist and Author, but it struck me as I was walking the dogs in the park that I just am. There should be no need to introduce myself to anybody, but there is a need. The need is created by a set of rules and constructs demanded by society, religion and ourselves that tell us we need to ‘be something’. We must identify with the world in some way so that others may understand us.

This is even more important in the business arena because failure to identify who you are and what you do would lead to confusion and no customers! This is your social identity, the one that communicates what you do and how you help. It is how you craft your marketing message and how you brand your business. It doesn’t mean this is who you are.

There are so many differing teachings and writings on this subject it can all feel a little confusing. I can’t even give you clarity, I would never claim to be able to nor try to, because only you can filter out the noise and find joy in just being.

What I will say is that it is OK to just be, and to consider yourself at one with yourself, your business, and your life. The words you use to identify in this world are just a form of communication so that others can understand what they see. Dropping ego, judgement, negative thoughts, and self-criticism can all be learned. The question is, can you learn before you are ready to receive?

From birth you are led to believe that life ‘should’ be a certain way. You learn from parents, grandparents, the education system, your peer groups, your workplace and from every shop you enter, transactions you make and transport system you use. We are cocooned by rules, expectations, and opinions from the moment we enter the world. No wonder some people look for a means of escape from it all.

But the one thing I understand is that you can create your own life to be exactly what you want it to be when you are ready to accept just being. It was when I accepted that I was a perfect being and followed my bliss in my business and my life that I truly started to live.

I gave myself choices.

I choose when I work, how many hours I work, who I work with and what I do in that time. Right now, I feel like writing a blog and I am doing it whilst still in my PJ’s and drinking coffee.

I have freed myself from the 9 – 5 and the rules of others. I have freed myself from the constraints of time. I have followed my dream and I am building the life I want. I have done all of this because I am. I am able. I am willing. I am driven, and I am none of those things and all those things.

This may sound a bit crazy when you are not in this place of acceptance of self and still a prisoner to your thoughts. Working hard on letting my thoughts go and attracting what I want in my life through positive affirmations are now part of my job. I accept that I am living in the now, attracting what I want and need and taking aligned action to water my own garden. We are all responsible for our own lives and the results we experience whilst we live them. So, let me share a few of the steps I have taken during mine to reach this place of being – this is not a list of things to do, just some lessons I have personally experienced which have brought me to where I am now.

Forgive easily…

I have written about this before and I will inevitably write about it again, but this is one of the most freeing practices in my life. The act of forgiving others is powerful, add to this forgiveness of self and it feels like you have been washed clean of all cares. If I just am then I cannot be hurt nor hurt others. Hurt sits with ego and when you are truly being and living in the now ego is not necessary. I don’t take offence, I did once, all the time, but no more. There is no point. I can just let things go. It has taken time, practice and being hurt often to learn how to move into this state without resistance, but everything takes practice and repetition.

Notice the world…

We can often be too busy to really notice the beauty of the world we live in and how closely we are connected to it. Since moving to Scotland to follow my dream, I have felt more connected to my surroundings than ever before. I notice every small thing as I have a leisurely walk with my dogs every day. I actively look for the beauty and feel connected. I looked at the trees in the park this morning and acknowledged that they were just being. They don’t try to be anything other than what they are, a tree. The river was cascading downstream over rocks, just forging its path, not trying to be anything else. I was walking my dogs in awe and enjoying every second and being present. This level of connection helps me to feel loved without the need for another person to validate me.

I am happy with myself.

Smoke and mirrors…

Ask yourself if the business you are creating is a reflection of you. Does your business make you feel connected, is your mission aligned to your values and do you give and receive love through what you do? When you step into the business world with a goal of good, to help people with your product or service, to connect to like-minded people, then you are stepping up for all the right reasons. Your ability to live in the now and just be is woven through the actions you take, the message you project and the behaviour that others see. Look in the mirror, do you love what you see?

This may all sound a bit ‘woo’ but I assure you I have as much strategy in my business as the next successful person. Strategy is just a plan and series of actions. It is possible to connect to your life’s purpose and be successful. This is how I love to work with the women who choose to invest in my programs. I am unapologetically me all the time and I want my clients to become at ease with who they are, how their business fits into their world and how they can help others.

My business model includes a 5-Day Challenge launch strategy, and my next launch starts on 10th January 2022. Why not join me for 5 days of your life at the start of a new year and see how you feel about working with me. There is no pressure, no hard selling, and no expectations of you other than you show up and learn something new to implement in your business straight away.

For me, going back to basics always works in business and there is no better time to do that than the start of a new year. Click here to get yourself in the group and give yourself the time and permission to be there for five short days out of the year. This could be all you need in 2022 to change the way you work for good. 

I know my journey continues and that there is still much to learn. I also know that I will do it my way in my own good time.

Love & Colour

Mandy x

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