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Why a damn good laugh changes everything...

I spent Saturday 27th March viewing properties with my sister. It’s a very long time since we were on a road trip together and honestly, it was like the perfect tonic. My sister is hilarious at the best of times but being trapped in a car with her for fourteen hours was literally enough for me to get a sore throat. Not from any virus I might add, just from the sheer volume of lol’s. I have never laughed so much in years.

I have vowed never to tell anyone the reason for the hilarity, so I won’t divulge the antics, but needless to say she was on top form. What it did make me think about was how good I felt for several days after our trip. Not just because I found the perfect house and bought it, but because of the laughter. It made me investigate.

I ‘Googled’ it and was really surprised to find the sheer number of benefits there are in laughter. There are physical benefits, mental health benefits and even social benefits. Don’t take my word for it, read this information leaflet all about it! 

Anyway, what I noticed in myself was the most powerful. I was decisive, unstoppable, confident, happy, relaxed and really unfazed by anything. I know that I may appear to be a lot of these things most of the time, but it was like I reached a new level. I literally felt like a new person. I probably wouldn’t have noticed it if I hadn’t spoken to my best friend the following day and told her the story that I can’t tell you and then spent another half an hour with a sore throat and tummy having laughed even harder. I am actually giggling right now just thinking about the day. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

As humans in our demanding society, we are prone to forgetting to have real fun. Think about the last time you gave yourself a sore throat laughing! So, today I wanted to get this on the table, particularly for all of those amazing creative women out there who already fight with themselves over comparison and feeling unworthy of wealth. It can feel like a daily fight to survive, so sometimes laughter seems a long way off, let’s welcome it in.

Imagine allowing time in your day/week for just having fun! So, I say let’s schedule some ‘fun time’ into your diary. With that in mind here are some questions you can ask yourself to help to you think about adding ‘FUN’ to your ‘must do’ list.

Who in your life right now do you have the most fun with?

Think about how often you spend quality time with that person just doing something you both adore. When was the last time you did this with them and how much did you enjoy it? How often would you like to spend time with this person in a fun activity? Now, go and schedule this time in your diary, give them a call or send them an e-mail and get it fixed. If it is your partner, make a date.

What are you top three fun activities?

How often have you done each individual activity on this list in the last 6 months? When can you do each activity in the next month? Get it in your diary right now! Set the intent to do one fun activity each week. It doesn’t have to be all singing, all dancing, it could be as simple of taking your kids to the park and joining them on the swings and slides. It could be playing charades with your family! We have such a laugh when we play Monopoly in this house, it makes us all competitive and then the dog comes over and wags everyone’s money off the table.

Who haven’t you seen for ages that you always have a laugh with?

What would it mean to you to spend a couple of hours with that person right now? I know that I have planned to do more with my sister because she never fails to make me laugh and I have a date in my diary. It is so easy to be caught up in our busy lives and forget what really matters.

When was the last time you went to see a live comedian?

If you never have then you are missing out! I am lucky enough to have seen quite a few, Billy Connolly was one of the funniest evenings I have ever had in my life. Find who makes you laugh and buy or download their DVD’s. I still watch Billy from 30 years ago and laugh out loud.

Make time to do this.

When was the last time you watched a funny film?

I adore Robin Williams and Tom Hanks. In fact, ‘The Money Pit’ is one of the funniest films I have ever watched and well worth seeing even though it is ‘old’ now. Google the top 10 funny films and add them to your watch list. Do this with intent and enjoy it!

How often do you listen to podcasts or audio books?

Choose a funny one for a change. Before the days of video, I remember my mum having vinyl albums of comedians and listening to them over and over. We have so much information to choose from now, and many of us are watching and listening to the ‘on trend’ programs or artists, it is easy to forget the power of comedy. Schedule a bit of comedy into your life and feel the difference in your wellbeing.

Anyway, let me end this blog with some love and a little joke…

Q: What do you call a dog magician?

A: A Labracadabrador

Love & Colour

Mandy x

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