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Manifesting your dreams. Every. Single. Time.

If it wasn’t me living it, I would think that my story right now was made up!

We are naturally sceptical.  To a certain extent we should be because there are so many scammers out there. But there are also people who actually walk the walk and lead by example. I pride myself on being one of those people. My life is unfolding exactly as I need it to right now. I am manifesting big things and thinking even bigger.

I want to share my journey with you, not because I want to say, ‘look at me’. I want to say, ‘look at what YOU could do’. To that end I am going to share what is happening and exactly how I have done it.

I am moving to Scotland, in fact by the time this blog reaches you I will have moved (I write a month in advance of publication). Having made the decision to sell my home and move to the location I wanted to live; I have since manifested exactly what I need.

Five blogs ago I wrote about how to manifest and shared some top tips. Today I just want to share what I did. No other psychological or law of attraction stuff. No ‘woo-woo’ manifestation techniques. Not that there is anything wrong with either of those, I use lots of them. I just want to give you the actual action I took to manifest what I needed (note I said needed several times and not wanted).

I used the word need instead of want because the first thing to be aware of is that when manifesting you don’t always get exactly what you want.

Want vs Need

I wanted (and still do) a castle in Scotland where I could run amazing creative retreats for people from around the globe. I could see and feel the castle, the retreats and how awesome they would be. I found the perfect castle, Brechin castle, and put photos on my vision board of all of my favourite rooms. I contacted the estate agent who were selling the castle (Savilles) and registered. This particular castle was £3M. Next, I worked up a financial plan by creating a mind map of all of the income streams I could create to move me towards the goal. I researched the stamp duty for the purchase, £650k, the working capital I would need, another £1M, furniture etc, an additional £500k.

This was a BIG goal with BIG numbers.

I had no doubt that I could do it, after all I had manifested £500k to buy and furnish my current home in cash. The rest is merely zeros! When you are prepared to think big then nothing seems impossible, but you MUST really understand the numbers behind the goal.

Importantly, I had told the world what I wanted. I had been sharing my goal on my livestreams on social media. Telling my friends, family and network at every opportunity. Talking about my castle as if it was already mine. I am sure that some people thought I was nuts and still do. I don’t care. I know what I want and what I am capable of. There is that word, WANT

I put my house on the market and sold it to the first buyer at the full asking price and they were cash buyers with no chain. Perfect. I had manifested the right buyer.

I viewed lots of houses in Scotland that would serve as temporary homes and provide me with the space for a studio so that I could create all of these income streams. They were selling fast and going way above book price.

I was bidding and losing. So, I kept going and booked another six viewings. On my third trip to Scotland, I had four houses booked in. Then this house popped up that I hadn’t seen. It was a 7-bedroomed ex-bank on the High Street in Dalbeattie. Made of red sandstone like Brechin castle. It looked run down and was cheap. I was suspicious because of the price. But it was on my way between two other viewings, so I added it as a ‘wild card’.

The houses prior to this house were uninspiring and I was feeling a little disheartened. So, when I pulled up on the high street and looked at this property I almost drove away. But as we were there, we went in. My sister was with me and as we were greeted by one of the nicest men I have ever met, the owner, and when we walked in the front door, we just looked at each other and knew.

This was the one I NEEDED.

Beautiful high ceilings with plaster sconces and cornice; big old bank doors; huge skirting boards; big rooms and a curved sweeping staircase with a Macintosh-stained glass window. I was in love. I could see past the damp, the crumbling plaster and the amount of work needed. I am a creative visionary, so I could see the end result.

As we moved from room to room over the three floors, I loved it more with every step. My sister said, ‘this is so you our Mand’.

The house had been on the market for two years and nobody wanted to take it on. The price had dropped and dropped to £170k. I offered the owner £165K and we had a deal.

The universe had given me what I NEEDED, not what I had wanted and asked for.

I needed to love and transform this house and create a mini version of my castle. A practice run.

I will be converting three of the rooms into amazing, themed retreat rooms.

Let’s Explore

I don’t want to pass this by without exploring the significance of what was presented to me. The reason I just ‘knew’ this was the house was because of my BIG vision. The reason I ‘knew’ was because it looked like what I had visualised. I noticed it. It felt familiar. It felt right.

The price was one I could afford right now due to manifesting my previous dream home for cash in 2019. I had the money to buy this house for cash and the cash to renovate it to a high standard. I know in doing this it will add value, but it will do way more than that. I will be able to create two more revenue streams into my business from retreats and Air B&B. This is how I will buy that castle.

The universe gave me what I NEEDED to get me to what I WANTED.

This is how it all works. Notice the action I have taken in visualising, believing, working the numbers, contacting estate agents, selling my home to move to location and then noticing everything.

The power lies in noticing what is offered. Listening to the signs, sounds and comments. Not excluding avenues that lead to potential opportunities. Creating stepping stones.


My word for the year in 2021 was community. This was my next set of actions. I needed to find a house to rent whilst I was renovating my ‘mini’ castle. The current owner and his wife have been wonderful and invited me into their home, fed me, made me feel welcome and helped me with contacts to local tradesmen. 

I started to arrange quotes for the work and met lots of local people. The plumber said he may be able to find me a flat to rent. I trusted the universe, even when my mum and best friend were stressed that I had nowhere to live. Two weeks before moving the plumber delivered me a flat, wait for it….. literally 60 seconds walk from my new home. I can be there daily to manage the project.

This was all unfolding exactly as it should. One step at a time.

None of us moves from A directly to Z. There are 24 letters in-between. These are your steppingstones to your ultimate goal.

My advice to you is to think BIG, dream BIG, take action and be moving ever closer.

Smell the success!

Most importantly, connect and communicate. There is someone out there that can help you. Always.

Love & Colour

Mandy x

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