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Did You Know You Are Deeply Intuitive?

History has revered artists as deeply intuitive, and they have often been thought of as mystics. The ability to use our imagination and feel deeply then express those emotions onto canvas, into marble, in craft products has fascinated the non-creatives for centuries. Indeed, many of the women accused of being a witch or hysterical were probably just trying to make sense of their creative thinking and being suppressed in their expression. Dominated by men, who were often placed in positions of power as artists and advisers to royalty, there has been little room for creative women.

However, thankfully, there is a current upsurgence in the spiritual and creative space of women who are claiming their talent, their intuition, and their rightful place in positions of power. The online world has allowed these women to step up and embrace the skills they innately possess.

Most creatives have ‘messy minds’ filled with non-stop thoughts and curiosity. Running at 100 miles an hour all the time, their ability to notice every little thing and make connections others cannot is what enables them to be more intuitive than other non-creative humans.

If you could see what is happening in the creative mind it would scare you. A whirlwind of contradictory emotions. Pictures, words, colours, thoughts pinging all over the place. Emotional overreaction coupled with introverted solitude. Therefore, I used the term messy to describe it. To others it appears messy, but they are watching every movement and listening to every word. What you miss they don’t, and they are storing this information until needed and just like a flash it can be recalled and applied to their current moment.

What makes you intuitive and exceptional, are all the things that you think are perfectly normal…


You spend your days imagining new worlds, new experiences and creating new ideas inwardly. But you are the master when it comes to quietly observing human behaviour. You notice the unnoticeable and hear the unspoken. Scientists have been studying this intensely and most creatives are not even able to articulate what they do; they just do it.

Intense Feelings

Because you feel deeply, you can understand the layers and depth of feelings in others. You feel for society, for children, for animals and those deep rooted (often dark) feelings drive you to create masterpieces in your own way. Many great artists are great because they can interpret emotion, hurt, discrimination and differences and inequalities. What is felt cannot be unfelt and what is seen cannot be unseen.

Vehemently Focused

Your ability to tune out the world and focus on your area of genius can result in others describing you as introverted. But in this space of creative flow, you are concentrated on your craft, many performers can be seen as extroverts when they are on stage and then retreat within when they are finished the performance. This level of understanding of what is needed by a soul to express and then recover is what enables you to pick up what others may be missing or need in their lives.

Easily Overwhelmed

You are sensitive to input of any kind. The over input of information that cannot be absorbed at your pace and in your way can lead you to overwhelm much quicker than non-creative people. Because you think differently, and feel differently, you learn differently. My daughter experienced this during 6th form. She was a creative trying to learn and absorb information being delivered in a Victorian and linear based curriculum. Even when I asked the school to allow for this and teach her differently, they just didn’t understand why or how. You will be up against this resistance all the time, and this allows you to see the struggles of others.

Zero Tolerance

You challenge the status quo and fight for the underdog. You ask questions like what if and why not? You will continually chip away for your beliefs, but you also have patience, understanding that many people can’t see beyond their own ego and ideas. They are fixed and you are fluid. Your ability to fight with empathic tactics that subtly make change happen is what enables you to pick up so quickly on the more superficial areas of human behaviour.


You, like many people, have suffered trauma and hardship. It is your ability to learn from that trauma, forgive easily and use the lessons in your creative expression that sets you apart and drives your intuitive skills. Your humble use of past trauma to enable your own creative growth gives you empathic qualities that others may be drawn to and find you easy to open up to.


You will never grow up! Please don’t, because it is your childlike curiosity that makes it easy for you to see the world so differently. You are playful and see the ridiculousness of the world and laugh at it with people, this enables you to create satire in your work. On the flip side when things matter to you, you take them incredibly seriously. This duality is also your way of seeing in others what they cannot see themselves. 

I need to look no further than myself and my creative clients to see all the things I have listed here. Intuition is a gift to the creative soul and when it is fully understood may be used to great effect in the world. The ability to silently coach and help others when you can feel their pain is not to be taken for granted.

Be grateful that you were chosen to carry the gift of creativity and intuition in this world and go and make a difference.

Love & Colour

Mandy x

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