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How do you keep your vision crystal clear?

If I had a penny for every time I have been asked this question I would be living in my Scottish castle already! I discovered many years ago that people create a vision (or goals) and then they just let them slip away. Not because that is what they want to do, but because it is simpler to revert to type or take the easier path.

You see, having a big vision and supporting goals means you are going to have to leap outside of your comfort zone. When I say leap, I really do mean LEAP!

It is human nature to feel uncomfortable with change, it terrifies some of us. But change is inevitable and having a clear vision and big goals means that YOU will need to change. Imagine me setting a goal of buying a Scottish castle (which I have) to run creative retreats from and then not taking big, bold actions that push me right outside of my comfort zone? As I write this, I am facing having to move to Scotland with nowhere to live! I have bought an amazing seven bedroomed property as a stepping stone to my castle, but it needs fully renovating so I can’t live in it. I need somewhere to rent and there is nothing!

I am trusting the universe, but I am also taking action by asking for help from local contractors, the owner of the property that I am buying, and from professionals such as estate agents. Nobody is going to knock on my door with a solution, I need to create it. Would it be easy to stay where I am and not have all of this disruption?

Hell yes!

I have to put my furniture in storage, live without all of my home comforts for up to six months and move twice, but the end result will be amazing, and I will be able to generate the income over the next few years to buy me that castle.

So, I thought it would be good to share my top tips to keeping your vision not only clear, but live and kicking.

Be bold

No wishy-washy visions please, if you are going to have a vision for your amazing life, make it BIG.

Think of what it is that you really want to achieve. Is it that six or even seven figure income from your business? Is it that job/position/role that feels like it will be your crowning glory? Is it the amazing partner who compliments you perfectly? Is it becoming famous for your area of genius? Whatever it is, don’t sell yourself short. You deserve to be the best, have the best and be at the top of your game. Hence a Scottish castle and not just a big house or venue for retreats. When you are bold with your vision you are happy even if you only get halfway there!

See it

The art of achievement is to see clearly where you are going.  Vision or dream boards are great for this because they allow you to see what good looks like for you. I find a lot of people don’t fully understand how to create them or the power they have when used properly, so get some training if that is you.

A word of warning, creating a vision board does not work without taking action!

Set stretch goals

For every picture on that board you will need to create a set of actions. There is no point having a beautiful vision board and not having an action plan that supports it. What are your goals? How often will you review them? What are the measures for success? How achievable are they – no pie in the sky stuff? What are your timescales? I decided I would have my castle in five years, that was a year ago. I will have my stepping-stone property up and running with retreats by 2022, that gives me three years to generate the income to purchase my castle.

Doable? Absolutely!

Feel it

  • What will it feel like when you have achieved your big vision? Do you know?
  • What will you look like?
  • What will you be wearing, driving, eating
  • Who will be there?

Taking action to feel like you are already there is a huge motivator. If you want that top job, go and ask the man or woman who already has it, ask if you can book an hour of their time or even better spend the day with them. I have found that most people are accommodating and willing to support and encourage others. If it is a property abroad then travel to the destination and go and view properties to imagine what it will feel like to own one. This level of action taking will keep you in the moment and open your brain to ideas as to how you will get there.


When you talk about your vision you are not only keeping it alive for yourself, but you are also telling others what you are doing and that keeps you accountable. This will create motivation to succeed. The more people that you tell, the less you will want to fail in the eyes of others. Talking about my vision is one of my favourite ways to keep myself accountable. That is why I talk about my Scottish castle all of the time; it keeps me moving forward. What is keeping you moving towards your big vision?

Be OK with tweaking

Just because you have set this big goal does not mean that you MUST achieve it! You own it and you can change it any time you like, even when you have told the world. People will judge you no matter what you do, they judge because they wish they were you not because you are less than. If I decide I no longer want a castle, whose business is that but mine? I am cool with that and you should be with whatever you do.

You are in charge here.

Re-visit and refresh

You will find that as time goes by your enthusiasm will wane.
Guess what? You are human.
Re-visit your vision and goals regularly. Refresh them by documenting every small win. Share your wins and your obstacles with those around you. Doing this regularly helps you to ‘keep it real’ AND alive.

Find what works for you!

Maybe you want to review monthly, or quarterly? Having some kind of procedure that you carry out regularly is truly a game changer and you will learn a lot about yourself. You don’t have to become something you are not, do it on the back of a fag packet, no fancy spreadsheets are required.

Just do it!

I write about vision and goals a lot, not because I am a boring repetitive nag who likes the sound of my own words, but because getting comfortable with visualising and manifesting your dreams improves your life.  All of us deserve a wonderful life on this planet during our stay so I will always champion teaching others how to get there. I am also very aware that some people need support to do any of this, if that is you, please don’t struggle, you can access some free pieces of training here or book a call with me here

Bring your biggest vision to life by taking action today, because anything is possible.

Love & Colour

Mandy x

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