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What it took for me to write my book.

I could sum this up in one single word, determination! 

I had experienced a series of unfortunate events that would make your toes curl in 2009. I knew that there was a story with a lesson in what had happened to me. My creative brain would shape and form the story in the years following and then just as quickly dismiss my ideas.

After all, who was I to think that I could be as good as a ‘real author’?  Imposter syndrome is synonymous with creatives in all genres, and I was no different. But the thoughts and ideas wouldn’t go away until one day I had it. I could describe the book in a couple of sentences and everything that had happened to me suddenly made sense. 

It was about four years after my series of unfortunate events and I was ready to start my story, or so I thought. I started to write with no real plan and every chapter felt hard. I had managed about fifteen chapters and my idea was roughly taking shape. Then one day I sat on the sofa next to my laptop and spilled a full mug of coffee over my laptop. My book was on it, and I had no back up. I was devastated and decided that this was a sign to give up….

Want to know how I got back on track? You can find the full story here.

Love & Colour

Mandy x

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