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Miss Creative Chaos!

Today I re-visited my ideal client avatar, Miss Creative Chaos, and I connected with her on a whole new level.


You see, even before COVID and the changes 2020 has forced upon us, Miss CC was frustrated and her confidence was at an all-time low, so I really went deep into how she is feeling right now.


Imagine being called to do something that is seen by society as ‘less than’ an academic career or ‘proper job’


Even nurses and teachers are treated with greater respect than those who choose to be creative. I talk about this a lot in my writing because I felt it and lived it myself for decades. That is why I know Miss CC so well, because she was me and I was her!


When you grow up hearing that being creative is not as important as learning English, maths, science and it won’t serve you as well in life, it kind of sticks. There was enough of a teenage rebel in me to fight it and go to Uni and study art, but when it came to finding work, I had to pay the bills. So, I found that ‘proper job’ and did well at it.


That then creates another problem in that you get stuck on the hamster wheel of life, going to work and paying the bills. Its even worse if you are good at this alternate life because it’s harder to leave it behind and you can’t justify leaving a well-paid other job to become a starving artist!


Let’s go back to Miss CC and how she is feeling right now. Before COVID and lockdown she had confidence issues, always comparing herself to other creative’s in her field and not feeling good enough. She was buying other people’s work for inspiration and instant gratification and that was making her feel worse and even more confused.


Maybe she had her own business selling her work and was living on the poverty line, like many artists are. Or maybe she had that proper job and was furloughed or made redundant. Confidence has certainly been eroded throughout society, but poor Miss CC, who already felt like she wasn’t good enough, now feels like there is no hope.


But, and it’s a very BIG but! There has never been a time that creativity was more important than now and here is why…


Creativity connects us to our world

From the beautiful hand-crafted tea-light holder, lovingly built from driftwood collected at the beach to the decorative glass piece that glints when the light hits it and makes us smile. It doesn’t need to be something dramatic that makes us connect, think homemade jam from the farmer’s market or hand knitted gloves made by a small business owner who loves what they do.


The feel good is in the love and attention to detail in addition to what it is.


More people are thinking about the impact of mass-production

Who really likes the thought of having the same art print on their wall as millions of others and transporting it from China to the UK so that it can be purchased? Compare that to going out and enjoying a coffee and a piece of cake in a local Gallery & coffee shop and purchasing an original piece or a print from a real artist who is trying to make a living.


I know not everyone cares, but I bet you do.


Creative pursuits can transport us to a better mental place

They are mindful in nature and when you focus on creating a bespoke piece, no matter how you are doing it, it helps you to sense accomplishment and satisfaction, even if you are just painting a pebble or making a rocket ship from a washing up bottle.


Being creative with your kids can be profound for their sense of belonging

98% of us are born creative and it is educated out of us, so allowing creativity to be seen as ‘normal’ and fun, is you sending your child into the world knowing how to cope in one more way. Both of my children are creative, not because I forced them but because I encouraged them to do what made them happy and boy are they good, better than me in fact!

Love & Colour

Mandy x

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