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Intentionality in Business

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as WE are.

Anis Nin

You were born with so much power. The truth is that every living thing in this universe was born to be a success because each living thing has within itself the innate ability to be successful. Like birds are born with the innate ability to fly, they never have to go to flight school! YOU were born being fully enough, capable of creating your dreams and experiencing a life filled with success. 

You were born with an imagination, nobody taught you how to imagine which gives you the ability to think intentionally by directing your thoughts. It’s called visualisation.

You were born with feelings, nobody taught you how to feel, it is your own built in internal GPS and it gives you the ability to know at any moment if the thoughts you are thinking are in alignment with what you want or not. 

You were born with the ability to act, you have the power to create your reality by visualising clearly what you want, focusing on it intentionally, bringing out all the details and knowing why you want it and for what bigger purpose until it lives inside you as a new vibrational, emotional set point.

Then you can act in alignment by doing what you know you would do if you knew you were going to succeed. Behaving with absolute conviction. In other words, your IMAGINATION your FEELINGS and your ACTIONS are what give you the ability to create your reality.


What is in your way of you seeing yourself as this success?

One of the biggest obstacles is that you have probably never challenged your world view.

If you asked a fish ‘how is the water’ the fish would reply ‘what water’? We don’t often see the water we swim in.

We rarely challenge our environment or our existing beliefs and the conditioning that we were raised in.

This is because we were born into this existence, perpetuated by people, conversations, media, and the beliefs of others. So, the beliefs and misconceptions of those around us becomes our reality. The rights and wrongs in life in so many different areas and they exist from the world THEY were born into.

You can end up feeling like you must please everyone and become so many different people to survive, playing roles to fit in. These become your belief system. To live your potential and act intentionally you must learn to be an independent thinker.

Your beliefs are NOT fixed! You can change them anytime, just because you believed it doesn’t mean it’s true.


Ask yourself these questions:


Are you the world view you were born into?

Are you your perception of reality?

Are you the roles you have played? Meaning if you stopped playing those roles and you started playing another role would you still, be you?

Are you your personal history? Meaning if you no longer had the same perception of your history would you still, be you?

Are you the label or identity? If you were no longer a businesswoman, mother, wife, would you still, be you?

Are you what others have told you that you were?

Are you what you have? Meaning if you lost everything you have would you still, be you?

Are you your attitude? Meaning if you shifted your attitude and took on a new one, would you still, be you?

Are you the behaviours you do? Meaning if you took on new behaviours, would you still, be you?

Are you the beliefs you have about yourself?

Are you the thoughts you think? Meaning if you shift your thoughts and have different thoughts, would you still, be you?

Are you the emotions you feel? Meaning if you shift your emotions would you still, be you?



Consider that so much of who you think you have been has been nothing but an attachment to an illusion.

And yet every decision you have made has been coming from who you think you are.

Inside you, there is a force powered by nothing that can take away your power to succeed because it is not attached to your worldview.

Love & Colour

Mandy x

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