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How Can I Make More Money Mandy?

This is a question I am asked a LOT! It can be so frustrating for the incredibly talented women I work with when they put their heart and soul into creating and then make no sales.

They try, posting their new product everywhere and it feels like tumbleweed.

But the fact is, you can be a mediocre artist and great at marketing and sell everything whilst the truly talented sell nothing. When this happens and nobody is biting your mind goes into autopilot telling yourself:

I am obviously not good enough

I will never make money from my art

There is something wrong with me

As you reinforce these negative beliefs, you embed them as truths in your sub-conscious and therefore it is hard to change them. They sit alongside all your other negative beliefs around money:

Money doesn’t grow on trees

You must work hard for money

Rich people are bad people

I am going to share a secret with you, making money has NOTHING to do with your talent and EVERYTHING to do with the sales processes you put in place.

Now this is a big subject to cover in a blog, so I am not going to try. What I am going to do is share five quick and easy tasks with you so that you have a starting point. Go and do these today and you will be getting into better shape for sales.

  1. ASK – Put a CALL TO ACTION in every social media bio. No matter how many platforms you are on the very first thing that any potential customer should see when they land on your page is a call to action. Not just a call to action, but a simple and powerful call to action. If you go and look at my social media platforms this is what you will see: Facebook personal page – Read ‘The Life I Won’ – this connects to the very clear profile picture with a photo of my book and the Amazon branding. Facebook Business page = Free Quiz – I want people to take my free quiz because it puts them on my email list. Twitter – Pinned post with a call to ‘Buy Your Program Now’. Instagram – Find Out More. LinkedIn – Sign Up for my next free challenge. ALL of these are action words – Read; Buy; Find; Sign Up – prompting the customer to take the next step. The FREE Quiz is enticing because it is free. Using action words and powerful words in short prompts of 3 – 5 words will increase your click through rates. A call to action is asking for sales and asking is what converts!
  2. CLARITY – Have crystal clear messaging. You have decided on your call to action, your next job is to make sure that people can see what you do and how you help instantly. You have a matter of seconds to capture people’s interest so they must be able to get the gist of you and what you do instantly. My line is ‘helping creative women to make more money’ and it is everywhere. If people flick through my social media sites, they see the same images and messages. Consistency and clarity in your messaging will make a much bigger impact.
  3. WEBSITE – or landing page CTA.  You don’t NEED a website with so many places for artists and creatives to sell these days, but you do need a call to action. If you have a website, make sure that there is a call to action in the header of your home page. You should also have pop-ups and call to actions on most of your pages. If people are reading your website content and they decide they want to work with you or buy from you, then make sure that they can find that call to action easily.
  4. EASY – make sure it is easy to buy from you. You have done all the above and directed your potential client to where you want them to be now make it easy for them to buy from you. If people must look around and find where to buy, they generally won’t. If you are posting a fantastic picture of your latest piece and you don’t post a link for people to buy it immediately, you are committing a sales crime! Think ‘how will the customer buy this thing?’ and then make the process simple.
  5. REPETITION. Your potential customer won’t make the buying decision the second they see your post; they will consider it even if that is only for a couple of minutes. You must make sure that you have a place to purchase at the top and bottom of your website/sales page/ long form post. Repetition serves you because the latest statistics show that people need to see your product or service 27 times before they buy.

Sales are a ‘lag indicator’ of everything else you do. When I was a senior manager in retail we focused on the ‘lead indicators’ of customer service, availability & marketing because then the sales came. If I opened my store in the morning with the shelves full of well-presented products with great point of sale and promotional signage and the gave great service at the checkout, I knew I was going to be successful. I did not have meetings with my team about sales, we talked about standards, range, availability, and service. 

In your business it is no different, social media is your shop so make sure it is well presented and consistent, that your products are featured, and the signage is great and that you deliver great service by talking to and engaging with your audience.

Get the basics right and rinse and repeat and the sales will follow.

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Love & Colour

Mandy x

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