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Do you really want to see how great you are?

So many of us lean towards playing our talent down. If someone pays you a compliment, do you dismiss it or accept it with gratitude?


Often when we are bold enough to say ‘yes, I am great at this’ we are seen as bragging or even a bit narcissistic! In summary both society and we ourselves make it difficult to talk about what we are really good at.


But we are great. Every single one of us. Not at everything, but at something.


So why shouldn’t we talk about it and tell others that we are good at it. Why shouldn’t we give ourselves a pat on the back and acknowledge that we are an awesome person with some real talents that can not only help others but add some real value to the society we live in.


Those that see their talent and pursue it, we see as successful. ‘A’ list celebs; famous musicians; billionaire business people. But you are just as good as they are at something. You have the very same opportunities to be great, but the person you need to convince is you.


When you can accept that you are great at something then you can actually do something great!


Your opinion of yourself is everything and it has probably been shaped by the opinions and comments of others. How your parents, siblings and other family members described you can shape your opinion of you.


If you were quiet and shy perhaps people made detrimental comments as you were growing up ‘oh Judy won’t want to join in because she is a little mouse’.


If you were gorgeously chubby as a child perhaps people commented every time you ate?


If you were talkative maybe someone said that children should be seen and not heard and quietened your amazing voice and opinion.


The opinions of others on so many segments of our lives can follow us from childhood into adulthood and impose an invisible capacity tap on our capabilities. Your money mindset is shaped around the age of seven and your empathy and view of others is shaped by the opinion of the adults around you. Some people manage to break away from this imposed belief system and find their way in the world, where as others remain trapped for many years talking themselves down at every opportunity.


Here are my favourite ways to keep my own belief system at a high vibration and believe in myself every single day:


I am as good as the person standing next to me, always.

Nobody is better than me, we are all equal. There is nothing that makes me less than the next human, not race, sex, academic achievement; size; ability or disability; sexual orientation; hair colour; skin colour; height; wealth… I could go on.


What somebody else thinks about me is none of my business!

I am not interested whether they like me or hate me, it is irrelevant. I recognise that I am a kind and generous person with a huge capacity for love and empathy. I know a lot of things that can help others and I share that knowledge willingly and it is the foundation for my business.


It doesn’t matter how many others do what I do, only I have my knowledge

I am also the only one that can share the knowledge I have like I do. This is because my knowledge is something that I have made sense of by how I have experienced learning it and by my life lessons. Nobody else has had the same lessons as me.


I practice what I’m good at so that I can improve

I read, make mistakes, have a mentor, sign up for new learning programs. I constantly seek to improve and then share what I have learned with others. This keeps me sharp and confident that what I am sharing is relevant.


I seek feedback and listen to it

We can only improve if we want to and I believe that what others see can help us to become more tuned in to our own behaviours and the impact they have.

Love & Colour

Mandy x

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