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5 Reasons why owning original art can enhance your life

Honestly, I get so frustrated when creative talent is dismissed as ‘a hobby’ or creatives are encouraged to ‘get a proper job’, in fact it infuriates me.


Did you know that in the 15th and 16th centuries some of the top artists were seen and treated the same as ‘A’ list celebrities are now in the 21st century. Revered, admired, envied and party to the most exclusive echelons in the society of their time.


The shift came in the 19th century as ‘modern art’ started to emerge with the ‘Impressionists’ who were initially ridiculed and endured scathing comments about their work. Work that sells for millions today.


The myth of the starving artist was written about and it was commonly believed during this time that it was impossible to be wealthy and be a truly great artist.


But it is a myth, an opinion adopted by society and perpetuated for centuries that followed. Only the chosen few would be wealthy in their lifetime, the remainder of ‘the artists’ would struggle to earn above the poverty line and probably die paupers.


The average artist, creative, crafter in business today earns just under £13,000 (less in Ireland and Scotland), which is marginally above the poverty line. Photography and social media have become the new art. Images are instant and relatable to real life.


However, I believe that we need these creative people to truly document the human condition and tap into our souls with emotive bespoke work. The artist creates from a place of deep connection and emotion. Their creations are able to evoke memories, immerse you in nature, create reactions to their use of light, shade, natural resources and images.


When you connect to an image or hand-crafted product it is a personal connection. It touches you because you can feel the emotion felt by the creator, you can touch it and feel the brush strokes, carving, texture etc. that make up the piece.


So, let’s explore five reasons why owning an original piece of art or craft can enhance your life.


1. The decision making and buying process for an original piece of art connects you to a moment.

The moment that you saw it, fell in love with it and WHY you loved it. It connected you to a place, a person or a feeling and it was an instant reaction. You knew that you wanted it, but your mind was stalling at the price.


The artist wasn’t using cheesy selling tactics, they just did their job and showed their work. But imagine how it will feel every time you look at that piece.


It is an investment not only in the piece but in your own happiness.


2. The creator of the piece that you love spent many hours coming up with her design.

You are stepping into their mind when you own the piece. The mind of the creator and how they see and communicate the world around them. This is an exclusive invite for you to experience and it will be personal for every viewer.


When people visit your home and see this piece it will offer the same invitation to them. See me, explore me and feel.


3. The creation of the piece took many hours, days, weeks to find its final form.

It is not a piece of multiple duplicity ejected from a factory for millions. No, this piece belongs to you. Nobody else on the planet owns it. You can look at it with pride and know that this piece is as unique as you are. One of a kind. Individual.


That is a beautiful feeling connecting you to your own humanity.


4. This original piece that you will own, and love will hold its value emotionally and generationally.

When your family visit and admire this piece that you purchased it will be fixed in their memory always. When you pass and leave a gift of original art you don’t just leave an object you leave your loved one with an anchor that will always remind them of you.


Your very own individuality and essence will travel time with this wonderful piece of art that you loved so much.


5. From a practical perspective, buying an original piece of art is an investment.

It becomes an asset that you can list within your estate. This adds to your net worth during your time on the planet. Although I genuinely believe the net worth is the joy in the piece itself, you see you can buy happiness.


I have 100’s of pieces of original art and antiques in my home. Hanging on my walls, positioned as decorative objects, taking up their role as functional pieces of furniture. I take great joy in each piece and like to imagine the human being that created them.


Some of the pieces have played the central role in the decoration of a room, inspiring me to create colour schemes and flows that I love. Most of the pieces I bought with my late husband and they evoke the emotional connection that allows me to smile and remember a moment of joy.


Even writing this article right now I can see and feel moments with the man who I lost in April 2020 during COVID and I am grateful for the days I can transcend my current reality of grief and re-visit a time when together we admired and purchased a memory.


That is what art is, it is a considered purchase that brings joy at so many levels. I am typing through the tears, but I am also smiling as I look at my antique pencil holder and piece of silk art that my husband proudly came home with as a gift for my studio.


My message to creatives is that you don’t need to listen to opinion, because it is just that. You need to create your art, your way and stand proud when you do. The piece that is inside your head will create all of those emotions for a human being that you don’t know. And they will be imagining you and how you worked. You do need to learn how to sell however!!


Creativity is 10% talent and 90% marketing. So, all of the technology we have at our fingertips today is an asset not a liability. Your job as a creative is to understand the technology and use it to your advantage, after all, it too came from the mind of a creative genius!


It is time for you to step into your creative power and bring your magic to the world, then shout about it.


My message to anyone considering buying original art is, buy it! If you can be convinced by the mass media to own the car you currently own or buy the mass-produced gadgets and must have accessories, then let me convince you to find art that you love and invest in yourself.


You are worth it.

Love & Colour

Mandy x

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