Mandy Nicholson

Announcing an opportunity to transform your business!

Announcing an opportunity to transform your business!

Have you hit a brick wall in your creative business and don't know where to turn?

Have you hit a brick wall in your creative business and don't know where to turn?

In-person coaching is the ultimate solution.

In-person coaching is the ultimate solution.

 What if you could work with one of the top coaches in the creative space for 3 months to solve your problems and move you up a couple of gears? I am Mandy and I am The Creative Genius Consultant, Artist, Author, and Creative Retreat owner and I have helped 000’s of creative women just like you to launch, grow and scale their businesses and make more money.

setting goals

As a passion-driven business owner, often told you will never make money from your craft,

it can often feel like an uphill struggle in business!.

How frustrated do you feel right now when you think you are doing all the things,
and nothing seems to be working consistently?

Does this sound familiar…

  • You make a sale and think ‘this is it’, then nothing for 2 weeks. You feel disheartened and pull back from social media.

  • You have a good month, and the next month is like tumbleweed.  You crave predictable income so that you can just concentrate on creating your products or delivering your service, but it feels elusive.

  • You struggle to get clarity on your vision and mission, so your goal-setting suffers. You kinda know what you want but the shiny objects constantly distract you from your plan. (You know the one you wrote on that piece of paper somewhere in your office/studio).

  • Business strategy sounds way too complicated, so you avoid it. If you don’t look at it or think about it then you will get away with not doing it. Plans feel too structured and as a creative, you sometimes avoid the very thing you need.

  • Marketing and social media feel like a chore.  You know when you need to do it, but you don’t like it, so your efforts are sporadic.

It’s so easy to feel lost in your business, even if you have had some success.  Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees.

Working with an experienced, professional coach is the perfect solution.

    Building a personal relationship with someone who has been where you are now and helped so many creative women to make money, is a game changer. The help and advice are bespoke and tailored to your unique business needs.

    Imagine if you could change your mindset and business success…

    • Learn how to sell authentically.  Selling is an art and when you understand how to do it well, you can get behind your products and services in a positive way and make your weekly sales target every time!

    • Create predictable income every month.  Understanding how to create multiple passive and semi-passive income streams that bring in money while you sleep, without being overwhelmed and confused by the process, will help you to feel secure and enable you to grow your business.

    • Create the clarity you crave for the road ahead.  Having a clear Vision & Mission statement supported by goals that are meaningful to you, will make it more likely that you will succeed.  Having this structure in your business keeps you motivated and on track.

    • Having a solid business strategy where everyone knows their responsibilities (even if there is only you for now).  Getting ready for growth means systems and operational procedures.  Every business needs them even your small business and the relief you will feel when they are in place allows you to become the entrepreneur you were destined to be.

    • Become a marketing expert for your niche.  Knowing how much power there is in marketing and putting it to work for you is everything in business.  When you know, you know.

    This is a ‘ONE-OFF’ offer, never to be repeated at this price.

    For 3 months, for 3 people who can work with me for:


    (usual price for 12 x 121 sessions is £6,000)

    Hear what my clients say about me:




    I worked with Mandi for 2 months and she provided the exact help and support I asked for. What had I asked for? help with facing and looking at finances, both
    mindset and management. She showed empathy and concern, but also a very practical way to think about and manage my finances, which I am following to this day.
    I only signed on for 6 sessions but ended up extending for two more weeks. She was caring, proactive and an excellent listener on all levels.
    She manages and conducts her own business in a way that I respect but don’t want to follow and even in this, she respected my wishes and supported me in a way
    that I found much more comfortable and apt for me. She totally deserves her success, I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

    The Level 3 Coaching Package

      I don’t work one-to-one as a rule so my price is £500 per hour.  I am running multiple businesses and prefer more productive income streams.  However, I love seeing the growth and business gains people achieve when I do work on-to-one with them.

      In a month where I have delivered my 5-Day challenge, Inner Circle and The Creative Summit, it seemed appropriate to open this exclusive offer to 3 lucky people (well 2 because one place has already gone!).

      Here is what you can expect in the Level 3 Coaching Package…

      • 12 one-hour focused business coaching sessions with me.

      • The opportunity to take a deep dive into your business and its potential.

      • Honest and constructive feedback on what you are currently doing.

      • Develop a bespoke business strategy for your unique business.

      • Access all areas in my Teachable platform for 6 months!  (This includes all my programs currently available but not my memberships).

      HALF PRICE for the first 3 people only!

        The full price for this coaching package will be £6,000, this is the ONLY time it will be available at this price.

        3 people for 3 months at £3,000!

          This is a HUGE discount and a once-only offer.

          This is such a great offer I have already sold one place, so will you be one of the lucky 2 people to secure the final places?

          Don’t miss out….

          Who is Mandy Nicholson?

          Mandy is a Creative Genius Consultant, Artist, Author, and Creative Retreat owner who helps creative women to launch, grow and scale their business and make more money.

          Mandy has made it her mission to step into the creative space and change the lives and fortunes of creative women.

          Only 13 years ago, Mandy experienced a series of unfortunate events that resulted in her losing her 6-figure career, 13-year marriage, every penny she had and much more. But, 10 years later in 2019 Mandy had met and married her soul mate, manifested, and paid cash for, their dream home and launched her dream business.

          Despite COVID and the death of her beloved husband in 2020, Mandy kept going and her business reached 6-figures and has continued to grow. In 2021 she put her dream home on the market, sold it the same day and moved to Scotland into her ‘mini castle’ where she has created her hospitality and retreats business adding a further 6-figure income stream to her business portfolio. It doesn’t stop there because there are even bigger things in the pipeline.

          You are in good company and Mandy will be sharing her decades of knowledge and experience with you.

          Mandy brew

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