The Life I Won

A Book That Will Change Your Life!

Listen to the author read the first to chapters of this inspiring book and make up your own mind if it is for you.

It may be for you if you feel overwhelmed by life.

If you’re:

Feeling like you have failed at life, and it wasn’t all your fault

Sick and tired of life’s relentless challenges

Can’t see a way back to any sense of normality

Feeling angry at other people for their behaviour

Just don’t know where to turn

…then you need to read this book today!

There is no magic wand to fix what isn’t working for you, but this little book, ‘The Life I Won’ by A J King, shares the inspiring story of one woman who faced a series of unfortunate events in the space of just one year, and survived.

Imagine if you could:

Learn to forgive the people who have hurt you

See a clear path to gratitude for what you have now

Feel confident that you are not alone

Learn from someone who has been to ROCK BOTTOM

Be inspired to take life on and win

The Life I Won – A J King

You will read a gripping tale of strength, resilience and of how life can be devastating yet beautiful at the same time.

An inspirational story of what really matters when you lose everything.

Here is what you can expect:

  • A raw and honest account of real-life events with a fictional twist
  • The reality of relationships between friends and family both good and bad
  • Just how bad life can get at times and how to face it
  • That no matter how bad things are there is always a silver lining
  • Loss, sadness, hurt, laughter, love, forgiveness and a million lessons!

Who is this book for?

Book Review

It’s for you if you had experienced adversity in your life and you feel alone

It’s for you if you need help to heal

It’s for you if you are ready to feel inspired by someone else’s true story

It’s for you if you are ready for change

It’s for you if you feel overwhelmed by life

Who Is A.J King?

A J King is the pen name of Mandy Nicholson who is a Creative Genius Consultant, Artist, and Author.

12 years ago, Mandy experienced a series of unfortunate events over the space of 12 months. They changed her forever. She ended up going from abundance to rock bottom.

Over the subsequent decade Mandy re-built her life and in 2019 bought her dream home for cash. That is the story in the next book ‘The Life I Created’ due out in 2023.

The Life I Won was her second attempt at writing her story, the first attempt was foiled by a large coffee landing on her laptop in 2013 and it was 2018 before she was ready to start writing it again. Picked up by a major publisher in 2019, Mandy will show you that it really doesn’t matter how far down you go, you can always bounce back up.

Mandy is now on a mission in the creative space to share her story of success from adversity so that you can believe it is possible for you too!

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