Mandy Nicholson

The Life I Won

Listen to the inspirational story about what really matters when you lose everything

Life lessons for healing & growth, no matter what life throws at you.
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The Life I Won: This book will change your life

Have you ever felt lost, overwhelmed or angry with life?

I know I have.

I think we all have at some point.

Like, no matter what you do life keeps throwing relentless challenges at you and you’re exhausted from trying to just get through the day.

There is no magic wand to fix whatever it is that’s not working for you, but sometimes you just need a little nudge, a little inspiration, to help get you back on your feet and fill you with enough energy to try and make some changes.

This is exactly what my book The Life I Won is designed to do.

In it, I share some honest truths about life, the stream of unfortunate events and challenges that life threw at me in just one year and the lessons I learnt to not only survive but to thrive again.

And I’m personally gifting the first 2 chapters to you for free, in the hope that it nudges you or inspires you just a little to keep surviving.

Be inspired by the book

In The Life I Won, you will read a gripping tale of strength, and resilience, of how life can be devastating yet beautiful at the same time. Writing this book was a healing process for me, and I hope it helps heal others too. 

Learn from someone who has been at rock bottom and discovered the path back to winning. You too can…

  • Be able to forgive people who hurt you so it doesn’t weigh you down
  • See a clear path to gratitude for what you have so life feels lighter and happier
  • Feel confident and comforted that you’re not alone and things will be ok
  • Get inspired to tackle whatever life is throwing at you and WIN!

Listen to the first 2 chapters of this inspiring book for free and I know you’ll want to read the rest!

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Feel fully inspired and learn these life lessons alongside me by reading The Life I Won.

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