Mandy Nicholson

Do you wish you could find the answer to launching successfully in your business so you can make more money?

Do you wish you could find the answer to launching successfully in your business so you can make more money?

What if you could be a fly on the wall and become part of an exclusive group who have access to a behind-the-scenes experience of planning and launching from a pro?

What if you could be a fly on the wall and become part of an exclusive group who have access to a behind-the-scenes experience of planning and launching from a pro?

I am Mandy Nicholson, and I am The Creative Genius Consultant. I launch my signature program quarterly and regularly launch products and services with great success. In fact, I have built a 6-figure (heading for 7-figure) business in the creative space.

I help creative women to make more money in their passion-driven businesses and no matter what you hear to the contrary on your newsfeed, launching is the best method to deliver sales.

As a passion-driven business owner, often told you will never make money from your craft, it can often feel like an uphill struggle in business!.

Are you sick and tired of sharing your products and services and nobody buying them?

So many of the women I work with struggle with selling, it’s a common problem.

Does this sound familiar to you…

  • You spend ages in Canva creating a great graphic and post it proudly, then nothing.

  • You share your products, services, and offers and nobody clicks the link to buy.

  • You are ready to give up and get a proper job.

  • You look at others who seem to be selling with ease and wish you could be like them.

  • You know you have something amazing if only you could get it in front of the right people.

It’s so easy to feel lost in the online jungle, people’s attention spans are getting smaller and smaller, and you know you need to stand out and ‘big up’ your product or service, but it’s hard.

How Do You Fancy A Seat At The Table To Be Part Of My ‘Inner Circle’ Which Will Open Your Eyes And Give You The Answers You Need?

    I am offering 10 places to 10 entrepreneurs to join me behind the scenes at my next 5-Day Challenge. You will have access to and become part of the full launch process behind the scenes in WhatsApp and Zoom as me and my team plan and execute a multiple 5-figure launch.

    Imagine if you could…

    • See a launch in a business in real-time.

    • Become part of an exclusive group that will watch and learn behind the scenes.

    • Discover what works and what doesn’t so that you can plan your own launch better.

    • Learn how to attract the perfect clients and sell to them without selling.

    • Learn how to get your fantastic products in front of raving fans who are desperate to buy.

    All of this for the price of a new dress!

    Here is what my clients say about my challenge

    I’ve been inspired by YOU (Mandy) to create a low
    content book on Amazon. My ideas were a beaders diary, and a beaders project book. I’ve got your vid on how to, which I have opened to get on with it at least twice now. However, I then realised that the diary probably needs to be available in December, so delayed. And the project book will be a lot of work so can’t go ahead with that until I’ve completed all the plans and written instructions. So my ah-ha moment has just told me to start off with a simpler book of 10 patterns. So I now only have to create 10 patterns. I can easily do that in a week or 2 at most. My 2023 goal has just become my January 2023 goal.


    Sue Cliff

    Mandy is the magic that came into my life just at the right time in 2022 when I discovered her 5 Day Free class. At the time my mind was filled with so many ideas I just didn’t know what to do. At the end of the sessions my heart and mind knew I had to join the masterclass. From a business perspective something was holding me back and I didn’t know what.
    Mandy is truly inspirational it was right then I thought – I want to be like Mandy, she has a wealth of experience, with a genuine heart and passion. She has lived through so much and become stronger look at the life she has made.
    Joining the Creative Masterclass and being invited to “The Art Bank” retreat for the weekend, was a life changing magical experience.
    It was the beginning of a wonderful journey of discovery both personal and business. An opportunity to meet like-minded people, in a safe space especially making new friends.
    It really changed my mindset, I became focused and could see the light to a new pathway for my future, where I wanted to be, who with and how to achieve it.
    I truly believe Mandy came into my life at the right time, at the right place and will be forever grateful for this opportunity.

    Debbie Crouch

    I stumbled upon Mandy by mistake (or was it, we all know how the
    universe works) and I thought, ‘Oh, another money grabber, giving
    something for free to reel you in’, but then I thought “what have I
    got to lose?” she is offering a free 5-day workshop.
    So let me tell you what I think now…
    Those 5 days taught me so much and I mean SOOOOO much,
    knowledge no money grabber gives away for free. However, it hasn’t stopped there, Mandy has continued to give invaluable information away for FREE, it’s not only the information and knowledge, but also that personal touch. People say Mandy is talking to them personally, when in fact we all know it’s ME, Debbie she is really talking to!
    Mandy, you are one in a trillion…

    Debbie Forde

    In July 2022 I was lost. I hadn’t been creative for a year due to personal circumstance but the creative within was getting restless and I knew I needed to bring it back out again, but what and why?

    Then Mandy Nicholson popped up on my social feeds with her 5 day challenge and a light went on inside of me. 2 days into the challenge I knew I HAD to work with her, I felt like I had finally found the key to unlock me and someone to show me how to sell all the pretty things that I could make.

    I have had great careers, plural, as there have been many versions of me. I have been so lucky to have done all I have done within the creative industries. I’ve had a great time and a great life doing it all, but, although I have always been self employed all my creativity has been for other people and I knew I was at a point I wanted that creativity to be for me.

    I had a call with Mandy (who is so easy to talk to) sorted out the ways I could pay to do the creative mastermind, burst into tears because that light inside me got brighter and I finally knew I was on a path of being a business woman.

    Michelle Jackson-Mogford

    Do You Want A Seat At The Table In My

      The best Fly On The Wall experience Of 2023 for creative business owners. Over 3 weeks, 3 Zooms and full access to our WhatsApp chat, you will become a part of the infamous 5-Day Challenge – How to make more money as a creative. We will share our planning strategies and secrets to give you a peek into making what seems like a big job look easy.

      This is a unique environment to learn in and be able to ask questions and see what is happening in a small, exclusive group.

      Here is what you will get for your investment…

      • An invite to 3 live Zoom sessions where Mandy and her team will be discussing the planning and execution of a big launch.

      • An invite to an exclusive WhatsApp group where you will see all the interactions between the team.

      • The chance to ask questions and experience the process of a multiple 5 figure launch.

      What's it gonna cost you?

        These types of experiences sell for £000’s but you can grab one of only 10 places today for just:


          My clients willingly pay me £500 per hour for 121 coaching and yet I am letting 10 of you in for this crazy price.

          YOU Are Worth The Investment – I may never do this again???.

          Who is This Inner Circle for?

            • It’s for you if you find launching your products or services hard work.

            • It’s for you if you are ready for successful, money-making launches.

            • It’s for you if you are sick of the confusing messages around launching.

            • It’s for you if you just want to learn a strategy that could work for you in your business.

            • It’s for you if you want to make more money!

            Who is Mandy Nicholson?

            Mandy is a Creative Genius Consultant, Artist, Author, and Creative Retreat owner who helps creative women to launch, grow and scale their business and make more money.

            Mandy has made it her mission to step into the creative space and change the lives and fortunes of creative women.

            Only 13 years ago, Mandy experienced a series of unfortunate events that resulted in her losing her 6-figure career, 13-year marriage, every penny she had and much more. But, 10 years later in 2019 Mandy had met and married her soul mate, manifested, and paid cash for, their dream home and launched her dream business.

            Despite COVID and the death of her beloved husband in 2020, Mandy kept going and her business reached 6-figures and has continued to grow. In 2021 she put her dream home on the market, sold it the same day and moved to Scotland into her ‘mini castle’ where she has created her hospitality and retreats business adding a further 6-figure income stream to her business portfolio. It doesn’t stop there because there are even bigger things in the pipeline.

            You are in good company and Mandy will be sharing her decades of knowledge and experience with you.

            Mandy Nicholson