Mandy Nicholson

The Creative Mastermind

Commit to Building the Abundant Business of Your Dreams

Launch your dream creative business and earn money doing what you love in this 12-month mastermind, designed for determined and creative women who are ready to bring their dreams to life.

Are you living in creative chaos?

Maybe this sounds familiar:

→ You’ve done a ton of self-development through courses, books, and videos, but you get lost when it’s time to implement what you’ve learned.

→ You’re fed up with people looking at your creative business as a hobby and telling you to get a ‘real’ job.

→ You doubt your ability to build a big, abundant business based on your artistry and skill.

→ You start each day full of good intentions and motivation but then fizzle out when you’re not sure about what to actually do.

→ You’re desperate for direction and proven strategies that will not only launch your creative business but make it THRIVE.

→ You have your dream life mapped out in your mind, but you don’t know how to get there.

What if your life looked like this instead:

→ You have a proven, step-by-step system that takes your creative business from launch to steady success.

→ You’re 1000% sure of your unique niche and ideal client, and you know how to help them.

→ Selling is easy and service-based – it never feels slimy or manipulative, because your ideal client truly wants what you are selling.

→ You have personalised emotional support from a dedicated mindset coach so that you’re never alone while building your business.

→ You’re part of a close, like-minded group of other creative entrepreneurs who cheer you on and share incredible advice.

You have help with the freaky tech stuff that has always been overwhelming, so you can stop procrastinating on this needed part of money making.

You know how to make a lucrative passive income which means you can get out of the studio and live this amazing life you’ve created.

So listen up, Creative One!

I have no doubt that you’ve made it to this page for a reason.

Maybe you’re feeling stuck, creatively stifled, or frustrated that your creative business isn’t going the way you’d hoped.

You have a vision, and I’m here to tell you that your vision is possible.

It is possible to build an abundant, thriving, nourishing creative business that gives you freedom and enjoyment.

Now is the time to take action…

…because you’ve got an expert creative coach who’s been there, done that and bought her dream castle in Scotland to prove it.

And now it’s your turn to build the success you want and deserve.

Let’s get going with The Creative Mastermind!

The Creative Mastermind is a 12-month, intensive mastermind group designed to guide you step-by-step through launching and growing your creative business…all in a way that gives you big income and time freedom.

In this programme, my team of experts and I offer robust support for your business with a group focus. We’ll meet as a group multiple times a week, so that you can get steady support. Plus, you’ll also have access to my tried-and-true resources, like my Money Mindset course and my invaluable community platform. As a special bonus, a 4-day retreat at my mini castle is included with your mastermind!

And, for the first time ever, I’m offering a limited number of VIP upgrades for a more bespoke experience!

If you’re already established in your businesses and want a high-touch-point experience, The Ultimate Creative Mastermind upgrade is the full-throttle option for those ready to skyrocket in 2024. Among the amazing benefits, it includes private monthly sessions with me, where we strategise, plan, and implement your business systems. It also includes personal sessions with my tech and mindset coaches.

It’s a truly bespoke and unique experience guaranteed to catapult your business quickly.

Mandy is a truly inspirational teacher and coach. Generous with her vast knowledge and
experience, she is grounded and wise. Mandy is nurturing and kind and guides with
structure, strategy and results in mind. Mandy’s values demonstrated by her favourite
phrases such as repetition is key ring in my ears as a wonderful reminder when I’m
taking the next steps. Mandy’s Creative Mastermind course is teaching me so much
about what it takes to build and develop a solid business. I love the supportive weekly
calls, the friendly accountability and the interesting range of topics included in the
course. I’m only a few months in and making great progress so I’m really excited about
how my business flourishes this year. Thank you Mandy xx

Lindsey Foley

I have done many courses and spoken to several impressive mentors. There is
always more to learn and I have become increasingly discerning about those with
whom I work. After a decade of successful self-employment, I can see those of real
substance and Mandy has been a blessing.
I appreciate wise, honourable and joyous teachers. Mandy has been an outstanding
teacher. Her courses are detailed, extensive and generous. She offers wise
reassurance and helpful wider support. Her team are delightful!
Perhaps most importantly, her significant courage illustrates all that a soul can
achieve and contribute.

Dr Rebecca Williams Dinsdale

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Creative Mastermind course that Mandy created. This
course has helped me in so many ways. Not only has it helped me develop my
business, but it has helped me in LIFE as well. Mandy has so much wisdom to share
and has a huge heart! She truly cares about each and everyone in the group. I have
had so many A-Hah moments in this program.  Mandy and her team have been
there for me every step of the way. When I stumble, they pick me up. I cannot
express enough just how wonderful this program is. Mandy, her guest speakers, her
team and all the lovely ladies I’ve met have supported and inspired me in so many
ways. I am so very grateful!

Shelley Devine

The Creative Mastermind experience has all your business growth needs including:

↣ 12 months with me as your mentor.

↣ 3 one-on-one strategic planning sessions with me

↣ 3x weekly group coaching calls with me.

↣ 2x monthly group tech coaching calls.

↣ 2x monthly group mindset coaching calls.

↣ Monthly sessions with expert guests.

↣ Access to private community page.

↣ Access to my Teachable platform, including my Money Mindset course.

↣ MEGA BONUS: a 4-Day all-inclusive retreat at The Art Bank (my mini castle!)

 Purchased separately, each piece of The Creative Mastermind would come to £7,500!

Want the VIP upgrade? Join The Ultimate Creative Mastermind and I’ll add:

↣ 12 one-on-one strategic planning sessions with me.

↣ 4x one-on-one tech support sessions with our tech expert, Gwen.

↣ 4x one-on-one mindset coaching sessions with our mindset coach, Lou.

↣ Access to my social media experts.

↣ Access to ALL areas of my Teachable platform, including video and audio training, workbooks, and sessions with guest experts.

↣ MEGA BONUS: one 7-Day or two 4-Day all-inclusive retreats at The Art Bank (my mini castle!)

This VIP option is an upgrade for those who have a creative business going and are ready to see it take off. Skip years of trial and error when you get expert, hands-on support

Watch my FOX TV interview and find out what it's like to work with me

If you want to have a chat about the Creative Masterminds then book a free, no-obligation call with me.

Your Creative Mastermind is an immersive and robust experience designed to get you the success you want, without any of the overwhelm, confusion or doubt

For an entire year, you’ll participate in regular sessions and receive ongoing support.

Here’s a step-by-step blueprint of what The Creative Mastermind experience looks like.

12 months with me as your mentor

You will have my tried-and-true attention and support! We’ll get to know each other on a deep level, which will allow me to take my breadth of experience in building creative businesses and customise your journey. Pick my brain and allow me to challenge you to grow more quickly than you ever imagined you could.

1-1 strategic planning sessions with me

These sessions are 100% focused on you and your business. Outside of the group sessions, you and I will meet privately to build your career strategies. And since we have a year together, these check-ins will be invaluable to get you through the ups, downs, and hiccups of business growth. During The Creative Mastermind, you’ll receive 3 of these 1-2-1 sessions. In the ULTIMATE experience, we’ll meet like this once a month. That’s personalised and focused attention on your work 12 times during the year. Talk about a regular MOT!

3x weekly group coaching calls with me

These are like our regular business meetings. As a group, we’ll check in, share advice and expertise, and I’ll coach participants through unique and common situations alike. And 3 times a week is huge. Compare that to the usual once-a-week group call for most masterminds. Not here…no, we’re in this to see massive results – FAST.

2x monthly group tech coaching calls

One of the biggest headaches in business is tech issues. In our increasingly virtual world, the tech moves quickly, so we’ll help you keep up. These bi-weekly group coaching sessions focus specifically on supporting you with the online part of your business. We’ll make sure that your processes and systems are working smoothly so that you can spend time doing what you love.

2x monthly group mindset coaching calls

Keeping your mindset tuned up can make or break your success in business. These group coaching sessions are designed to keep your emotions and mentality in check so that you show up each day as your best, motivated, and energetic self.

Monthly sessions with expert guests

Nuggets of wisdom can come from all over the place, so we make sure that you get a wide variety of advice and information. Our guest experts are leading creatives in their fields, and they’ll share with you their best lessons and experiences, allowing you to ask questions and grow in the energy of success.

Access to private community page

Building a business is lonely. It’s one of the hardest parts of building your own career. My private community of like-minded and entrepreneurial creatives is an invaluable asset to growing your creative business. We share stories and lean on each other. There’s always someone in there to offer support. Plus, some of my participants have made best friends for life in this group. We go further when we go together!

Access to my Teachable platform

The Creative Mastermind gives you access to my Money Mindset course on Teachable. PLUS you have access to my entire library of courses and materials. That means hours upon hours of video and audio training, ebooks, workbooks, and materials. It’s a vault of business treasure!

I offer each aspect of The Creative Mastermind experiences separately, but they would be a huge chunk of change to purchase on their own.

Instead, you can get The Creative Mastermind for only £5,700.

Payment plans available.

The doors close Sunday 28th January…but if it fills up before then, you’ll have to wait until next year.

Are you ready to take it up a notch?

What you’ve just read is everything available to you when you join The Creative Mastermind.

But now I’m offering the ULTIMATE experience.

Yep…The Ultimate Creative Mastermind includes even more, and it’s all designed to catapult your creative business in 2024. This VIP option is for those who are tired of wasting time and who are willing to invest just a bit more to save years of growth time. Instead, spend one year getting to the top. That momentum is priceless.

… Joining the Creative Mastermind was a whole new exciting adventure. Mandy has created a wonderful group where other creative women, with a wonderful approach for all of us to grow together and share each other’s experiences. It has given me a whole new approach to my artwork, it teaches me to think business without losing touch of my creativity…

Penny Nanton

… I am currently on Mandy’s creative mastermind programme. I am loving every second of it, even the tech stuff which I never thought I would! The course content of the creative mastermind programme is always kept fresh and updated regularly and the zoom meetings are perfect to catch up with the other ladies on the course. I can absolutely recommend Mandy; she’s been everything I needed and a whole lot more besides…

Kirsty Mills

Mandy is a truly inspirational teacher and coach. Generous with her vast knowledge and
experience, she is grounded and wise. Mandy is nurturing and kind and guides with
structure, strategy and results in mind. Mandy’s values demonstrated by her favourite
phrases such as repetition is key ring in my ears as a wonderful reminder when I’m
taking the next steps. Mandy’s Creative Mastermind course is teaching me so much
about what it takes to build and develop a solid business. I love the supportive weekly
calls, the friendly accountability and the interesting range of topics included in the
course. I’m only a few months in and making great progress so I’m really excited about
how my business flourishes this year. Thank you Mandy xx

Lindsey Foley

"In over 4 years of business, I have NEVER had a failure or refund. Every client has reached their goals and gone on to success"

Hi, I’m Mandy.

I teach women how to make more money as creative entrepreneurs.

I’m living my dream as a creative entrepreneur with freedom and abundance while living in a mini castle in Scotland.

But it wasn’t always that way…

I’ve gone from rags to riches and then back again. And through it all, I created the roadmap that gets other creative entrepreneurs to the ‘riches’ part right away.

I’ve been an artist my whole life. After earning a degree from art college, I had to get a ‘proper’ job to make ends meet.

And I had a great career that came with great money. Even though I was desperate to make my living as an artist, I stayed in my ‘normal’ job because I didn’t think I could support myself with creative work.

Then I had a series of unfortunate events. I lost that job and the financial security that came with it. I was broke and lost.

I knew I wanted to work for myself, but I was still so unsure about making enough as a creative. So I started a series of successful businesses outside of artistry: a cleaning business, a financial services company, and a wills and estate planning business.

I learned how to run lucrative businesses on my own, and my late husband pushed me to blend my business expertise with my artistic desires.

I took my experience and built a thriving career that teaches women how to build their own creative businesses that make big money.

I want that for you too.

So, not only have I created the Ultimate Mastermind to support and guide you in a way that I wish I’d had when I was in your shoes…

But I’ve also bundled together the most incredible free bonuses to show you how serious I am about helping you succeed

Get the Biggest and Best Bonus EVER:

The Retreats

One of the most unique and valuable parts of my Creative Masterminds is that they come with all-inclusive retreats at my art-infused mini castle in Scotland.

That’s right! I’ll host you for 4 or 7 days (depending on which mastermind you join), and I’ll take care of everything.

Imagine getting immersed in your creativity and getting literal hands-on support with your goal setting and mindset in a beautiful setting, where you can shut off the rest of the world, relax, and focus.

This all-inclusive working holiday is included with your mastermind price!

You see, most coaching groups and masterminds are completely virtual. And those can be incredibly valuable!

But the in-person, immersive experience of a creative retreat is life-changing.

We’ll be able to dig really deep into your creative growth without distractions…and that means that you can invest the time and attention into yourself and the dream that you’ve always wanted.

Here’s a sneak peek at just some of the things included in one of my retreats:

↠ Meditations

↠ Planning & goal setting

↠ Dedicated self-care time

↠ Delicious & nutritious food

↠ Art sessions

↠ Retreat projects and group work

Retreat participants LOVE their experience:

As soon as I entered the Art Bank Retreat I felt very comfortable. It is a bright and happy place and the host is amazingly helpful and delightful. I have loved the food and the room was amazing. Will definitely return for a longer period.
I had the most fabulous time at Mandy’s art retreat. I would highly recommend Mandy’s retreats if you love art and you love a relaxed atmosphere where you can unwind and create in a beautiful environment. I’m in awe at how stunning the art bank is - the work Mandy has put into renovating the house - a project full of love and Mandy’s obvious passion for wanting to run these fabulous retreats to help artists. Thank you so much, I shall be coming back!
Wow what a weekend at the Art Bank, hosting by Mandy!! Every moment was special, thought-out and gave me space to connect with my emotions. Space to get to know the other guests, be creative and allow me to let go!!

Intimate experiences… for your success

The Creative Mastermind experiences are bespoke, small-group experiences…when they fill up, they fill up!

And they only come around once a year – doors close on 28th January 2024!

Take action now to make 2024 your best year yet in your creative business.

Here’s a reminder of everything you get, all the bonuses and the payment plans available to you:

The Creative Mastermind:

  • 12 months together with step-by-step support and guidance
  • Teachable Platform with ‘Access all areas’ including videos, audios, workbooks and guest expert sessions (worth £400)
  • Bonus access to Money Mindset course (worth £249)
  • 3 x weekly group calls with Mandy
  • 2 x monthly Tech calls with Gwen
  • 2 x monthly Mindset calls with Lou plus bonus 1 x 121 session (worth £250)
  • Monthly Guest Expert sessions
  • 3 x strategic business planning sessions with Mandy over the year
  • Private group community
  • A 4-day mini-retreat at The Art Bank (worth £***)

    The Creative Mastermind is worth £7,500 but YOUR business success investment is

      ONLY £5,700

        Payment plans are available to make building your business easier and more affordable.

        The Ultimate Upgrade adds a bit more…

        If you’re ready to add more fuel to your mastermind experience, the VIP upgrade, which I call The ULTIMATE Creative Mastermind, offers everything about PLUS more personalised, higher touch-point support.

        Got Access to Work Funding?

        We specialise in empowering individuals with neurodivergent traits to overcome the barriers you might feel you face and step into your true role and purpose as a successful creative!

        You can use your Access to Work Funding to pay for The Creative Mastermind in full or as a 10-month payment plan! We’ll help you make the most of your grant and set you on the right path to creative success.

        If you don’t currently have funding but think it might be something that would help you then reach out to us and we’ll be happy to discuss your options and guide you through the claim process – no strings attached!

        Book a free call with me today and we can chat all about it.

        Let me introduce you to Kerrie! As one of my clients, she has...

        • Taken on the challenge of her life and has transformed her thinking about her up-cycling business
        • Created 4 new income streams that give her more flexibility in her life
        • Developed passive income so that she can make money while she sleeps
        • Achieved a 5-figure income month through her online business!

        “Working with Mandy is the best decision I’ve ever made! She helped me completely transform my mindset and my business – I’d never expected to achieve a 5 figure month before I actually made it happen with her help! I always leave our one-on-one calls feeling inspired and motivated. After years of doubting myself, I can finally hold my head up high and be proud of the life I’ve created.”

        And here's Lucy, the abstract artist and children's author! Here's how she's doing:

        • Lucy’s taken her life down a completely different & “fab” path
        • Conquered her mental resistances to streamlining her business
        • Earning a regular income by helping others and doing what she loves!
        • She’s absolutely NAILING it!

        “Mandy is always drumming into us the importance of niching down, which I’d been resisting for a while. But I’ve put her lessons into practice and I can truly see the importance of it now! Thanks to Mandy, I’m earning a regular income by doing what I love and helping my fellow writers. My life has taken a different yet fab twist!

        It really is time to ditch the creative chaos and build the business of your dreams.

        You don’t need to go it by yourself anymore, staggering through the crazy labyrinth of running a business without direction!

        Let me guide you each step of the way.

        I’ll show you the exact process that I used to grow my flourishing creative business, and I’ll help you to strategise, plan, and implement your unique career blueprint.

        But sign up quickly, because I only open a few spaces each year…

        The doors CLOSE on 28th January 2024…

        And I want YOU there to make sure 2024 is THE year for you and your business!

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Is This Program Right For Me?

        This program will help and benefit you if you are a true creative in any way. I will take you from a place of overwhelm to finding your big WHY. I walk you through the systems and processes to help get your creative business up and running and make money. You need to be prepared to do the work and show up. This is not a magic formula. YOU need to be ready and want to get the success creative lady!

        Do I need to be established already and have a huge audience for this program to work?

        No. I take you from the basics and the tech team is on hand to help you through various setups too. If you are established already, I help you to scale! If you find there is an area where you are stuck and there is no training – we will find you one!

        Can I cancel at any time?

        NO! This is not a membership, it is a 12-month investment. Remember this is a legal contract that you are entering into.

        Is There A Refund Policy?

        You can read my full Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy here

        How Long Do I Have To Complete the Program?

        This is a twelve-month program where you get full support from me and my team throughout and even after we have come to the end of our 12 months, you will find further support available with other creative ladies who have finished the program.

        What If I Have Questions Or Need Support?

        You have weekly live coaching calls with me and there is a private Facebook support group where you can ask questions and you have access to me via messenger too. Also, you have email support and regular calls with the tech team and mindset coach

        Still sat on the Creative fence?

        Let’s have a chat and see if this Mastermind cohort is right for you.