Mandy Nicholson

Ready for a place of learning and community
guaranteed to help your creative business grow?

Ready for a place of learning and community
guaranteed to help your creative business grow?

Discover how to implement mindset and business strategies so you can build your network, increase your sales and feel supported whilst you learn (no matter what your creative niche is).

Discover how to implement mindset and business strategies so you can build your network, increase your sales and feel supported whilst you learn (no matter what your creative niche is).

We are 3 creatives who have come together to build a gold-star community to help other creatives to get their businesses on rails.  Mandy, Dani and Lucy all have successful creative businesses and were once where you are now.  Their decades of knowledge and experience have been pooled into a top-notch teaching program, supported by and incredible Facebook community that feels like family but delivers like a business school.

Built with love, to give you direction so you can step into your purpose.  We are ready to help you succeed right now!.

Creative Summit Group

As a passion-driven business owner, often told you will never make money from your craft, it can often feel like an uphill struggle in business!.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You create something amazing, get excited, post it on social media and then nothing. Nobody clicks the buy it now button and you feel disheartened because you put your heart and soul into making it.

  • You are easily distracted, daily. You start out with good intentions and then an idea pops into your head and you are off chasing shiny objects instead of following a plan.

  • You can’t seem to stick to your goals. Having goals and deadlines makes you feel trapped and you end up leaving things to the last minute and ‘winging it’.

  • You are afraid to price your work at what it’s worth. You don’t think people will pay what you really want to charge (and deserve to) so you keep your prices so low that you are hardly making a profit.

  • You battle with your mind monkeys. You struggle with your self-confidence and compare yourself to others all the time, thinking they are better than you.

It’s so easy to feel lost in this big online space and not know where to start in creating solutions.

Creative Business Academy

The perfect solution can be found in a community of like-minded people led by successful creative business women.

    The linear thinkers in this world just don’t understand how you think.  When you are among people who ‘get you’ and learning from people who have been you, then everything changes.

    A world-class community with real, down-to-earth training sessions that can genuinely solve your business problems is waiting.

    Imagine if you could…

    • Sell your products consistently and create additional income streams. Building a portfolio of passive, semi-passive, product and service-based income streams will help you sleep at night.  Predictable income instead of feast and famine.

    • Calm and control your chaotic mind. Having a clear plan and learning the skills to keep you on track is a game changer for your business.  No more distractions, just great planning and productivity.

    • Stay on track and build solid foundations. Creating a plan which inspires you and keeps you motivated will be where you start to visualise success.  Planning well and setting quality goals will be your new business besties.

    • Charge a fair price for your incredible work. As you build your self-worth, you build your financial worth, thinking like a businessperson instead of a starving artist.

    • Know without doubt that you are worthy of success. Taking back control of your thoughts and placing yourself firmly in charge is where your new journey starts.  The journey to business growth.

    All of this for the price of a couple of takeaways each month!

    Here’s what others have to say…
    Creative Business Academy

    The Creative Business Academy

    The Creative Business Academy

      The academy has been created for you as a place to learn how to build your business at your own pace.  Packed to the brim with training sessions created by Mandy, Dani and Lucy, we guarantee you will find the answers to your problems.  You will not find another place of learning built by creatives for creatives like this one.  If you are struggling to get your creative business off the ground, then the answer lies here.

      Here’s what you get in The Creative Business Academy…

      • A teaching platform packed to the brim with training sessions on mindset, business, creativity and planning.

      • A private Facebook community where you can network and ask questions.

      • Facebook Live sessions each week with your coaches.

      • A monthly LIVE Zoom training session where you can ask questions in real-time.

      • Guest experts from the online business space delivering bespoke training.

      • New training dropped in every quarter as you grow your business.

      • You can leave and come back anytime.

      What's it gonna cost you?

        For the cost of a couple of takeaways each month you could find yourself in the perfect place to create a solid business.

        Monthly Membership at only £39 per month...

          • You can join for a month, a year or a lifetime and we will never harass you if you are ready to fly away.

          • New, more advanced training dropped in every quarter.

          • Bonuses for staying with us.

          • Exclusive first-come access to all 3 of our offers and promotions.

          • Discounts for working with any of us one to one.


            If you are not completely happy with The Creative Business Academy Membership within 14 days of becoming a member, we will happily refund your payment and cancel your membership.

            We know that not everything is for everyone, all we ask is that you dive into the content to find out just how amazing it is before you decide.

            We are so sure that you will love it here that we are happy to back our confidence up with this guarantee!

            Who is this membership for?

              It’s for you if…

              • You are not making the money you deserve right now in your creative businss.

              • You struggle with your self-confidence and compare yourself to others.

              • You feel alone and need to bounce your ideas off someone who gets you.

              • You don’t know where to start in your business.

              • You need with your mindset to stay positive.

              • You need help with planning and productivity.

              • You know you have something amazing but don’t know how to monetise it.

              Meet your mentors.

              We are

              Mandy Nicholson

              Mandy is a Creative Genius Consultant, Artist, Author, and Creative Retreat owner who helps creative women to launch, grow and scale their business and make more money.

              Mandy has made it her mission to step into the creative space and change the lives and fortunes of creative women.

              Only 13 years ago, Mandy experienced a series of unfortunate events that resulted in her losing her 6-figure career, 13-year marriage, every penny she had and much more. But, 10 years later in 2019 Mandy had met and married her soul mate, manifested, and paid cash for, their dream home and launched her dream business.

              Despite COVID and the death of her beloved husband in 2020, Mandy kept going and her business reached 6-figures and has continued to grow. In 2021 she put her dream home on the market, sold it the same day and moved to Scotland into her ‘mini castle’ where she has created her hospitality and retreats business adding a further 6-figure income stream to her business portfolio. It doesn’t stop there because there are even bigger things in the pipeline.

              You are in good company and Mandy will be sharing her decades of knowledge and experience with you.

              Mandy Nicholson

              Dani Louise Smith

              Dani is a successful handmade product business owner, business coach and mentor who helps families to capture memories of loved ones with her bespoke keepsakes and online business owners to save time and reduce overwhelm by getting organised with their business.

              Dani has made it her mission to help creative entrepreneurs earn money online, whilst breaking through income limitations when trading time for money.

              For nine years, Dani has built both a product and service business throughout challenging circumstances in her personal life. Juggling building two businesses, whilst caring for her disabled husband throughout 10 surgeries, battling her sons anxiety and struggles, postnatal depression and anxiety, whilst being employed by the NHS during the pandemic! Seven years into business she traded the juggle for her dream of entrepreneur life and freedom and left her job.

              Regardless of her mindset struggles and worrying family situation, Dani kept on going and broke through the feast and famine and continued to build two dream businesses and manifest a new home. She became a published author in a collaborative book and nominated for two business women of the year awards. This is just the beginning of her journey, with more exciting projects on the cards.

              You are going to find great support from Dani, with her balanced approach to life and business, which she will share with you.

              Lucy Sheffield

              Lucy is a self taught artist, who has always had a passion for creativity. She loves to explore and express herself using bright colours. After quitting a heavy drinking addiction of 24 years, Lucy came alive at the beginning of 2019 when she began to reignite her love for splashing vibrancy onto a blank canvas.

              “Art is like breathing to me. We are all creative beings at our core, and for so many years I hid behind the drink, suppressing my true colours. Now I am alive and I love to spread that joy onto the canvas and into the world for all to benefit. Life is for having fun and expressing ourselves.”

              Lucy loves the freedom that art provides for her, being playful and having fun are the key elements  to her every day success. Lucy also teaches art and it gives her such a sense of pleasure to see others being creative.

              Lucy is a genius at marketing herself and has fab knowledge on how to run a successful creative business. It’s another of her passions to help women thrive and build their business so they can live the life of their dreams.

              Lucy Sheffield

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