Mandy Nicholson



My brand-new 21-Day Art Journal will help you to embrace the change you need right now in your business or your life.

I know how hard it is to create sustainable change, in fact it takes 90 days to embed the habits you need to change just ONE thing, but your first 21 days are pivotal. I have helped 1000’s of people over the years to embrace change in business and life and now I want to help you!

Are you fed up with doing the same thing and getting the same mediocre results?

I’ve been there myself and so have so many of my clients, so you are not alone.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You know what you want to change but your efforts fall short
  • You start full of enthusiasm on Monday and give up by Wednesday

  • You get to the end of the week and just feel too tired to face the obstacles

Frustrating, isn’t it?

There are so many creative business owners who give up because they find it uncomfortable or just too difficult to stay on track.

The Solution Is Changing ONE Thing And Focusing On It For 21 Days!​

The most common problem I see with creative women in business is that they are easily distracted, chasing the next shiny object instead of focusing on what will bring them the best results and sticking with it. Because you feel deeply, ignoring those feelings in your business are often part of this problem.

Imagine if you could:

  • Have the confidence to choose just ONE thing to change
  • Have a daily guide that focuses on strategy and feelings
  • Create good quality action points to achieve your goals
  • Nurture consistency until it becomes habit
  • Feel confident with your decisions
  • Feel confident to feel your emotions
  • Convert your goals into income

All this for the price of a couple of sketchpads!


The 21-day journal was amazing! From creating the right mindset in the mornings, to reflecting on the day’s activities in the evenings, I found the whole experience to be amazingly beneficial to me personally, and in my business. It has encouraged me to make these behaviours part of my every day, and I am much more positive and productive because of it.

Kirsty Mills

I loved Mandy’s 21-day journal (taken from her 12-month creative mastermind programme which I also recommend!). The journal is quick to complete so after a long day it doesn’t feel like a big chore. In fact, it’s a fantastic way to record & release your feelings whilst focusing on your experiences of that day. 

You have space to record your daily activities & goals, determine what worked for you & keep track of things you’ve accomplished or learned. It is a mini accountability journal just for you! The gratitude section was good for making me look at the positive things in my life & remind me not to take them for granted. 

I loved the mandalas too, I’m an artist so using colours is such an obvious way to express myself. This could be a very personal book that nobody else sees, or you & a friend could get one each & share your journals with each other. I kept mine next to my armchair with my pencil case to remind me to do it every evening, sometimes I wrote a little & sometimes a lot, it’s entirely up to you to decide what to do! I’m sure I’ll complete another one in the future as it gave me such clarity. 

It’s an amazingly well thought-out, self-help tool. Thank you, Mandy!

21 Day Art Journal

This journal allows you to decide the change you need and explore it daily. Over 21 days you will start to develop new habits for success and identify patterns in your emotions. The act of journaling and colouring can have a profound effect on your wellbeing.

Here are the benefits:

  • Colouring improves brain function, sleep, motor skills, focus and reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Journaling also reduces stress, keeps your memory sharp, boosts your mood and strengthens your emotional functions.
  • Change comes to those who work for it. It takes 90 days to achieve sustainable change, but the first 21 days are pivotal.
  • Add these benefits to a clear strategy and you are onto a winner.

How much is it you ask?

For the cost of your weekly takeaway, you could trigger a path to sustainable change and improved mental balance. This in turn will flow into your business. 

ONLY £15

Who Is This Journal For?

  • It’s for you if you struggle to stay on task
  • It’s for you if you have tried traditional journals and found them uninspiring
  • It’s for you if you have a small budget but need better results
  • It’s for you if you want to feel like you have a plan that includes you
  • It’s for you if you want to embed change in your life or business

Who Is Mandy Nicholson?

Mandy is a Creative Genius Consultant, Artist, and Author with decades of experience in the business arena. 

12 years ago, Mandy experienced a series of unfortunate events that saw her go from abundance to rock bottom. Over the following 10 years Mandy re-built her life step by step to the point where she was able to buy her dream home for cash. This journey taught her so much about techniques that work and has enabled her to create content that helps her clients today.

This journal was initially created for her Creative Mastermind program and her clients experienced such profound growth when using it that she decided to bring it to market so that she could help more women at an affordable price. 

On a mission to make an impact in the creative space, Mandy is relentless in her efforts to keep her products and services specific for her creative clients. The creative brain can be a beautifully chaotic place and needs the right training and guides to allow it to thrive.