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5 Reasons to Join a Creative Mastermind

Is it worth it to join a mastermind?

When you’re building a creative business, the path can feel isolating, lonely, and challenging.

So many of us try to go it alone, feeling our way blindly through the maze of making money from our craft when, for most of us, it’s the artistic part of the creative business that we’re naturally talented at.

Plus, how many times have you heard the term—or been afraid to be—a ‘starving artist’?

There’s this concept in our culture that art doesn’t make money.

And I’m here to tell you that nothing is farther from the truth.

Take a look at your everyday world. How much art do you consume every day?

Think about it: the throw pillows on your sofa, the wallpaper up on your lounge, the TV show you’re currently binging, the décor at your favourite café…an artist made and sold all of that. And I’m willing to bet that most of those artists have created pretty profitable businesses from their crafts.

But they didn’t start out as business people.

So what’s the best option to learn how to make money from your art and build a lucrative business around your creative vocation?

The answer has become masterminds.

I’m sure you’ve seen them pop up all over the place…and there’s a good reason.

Joining a mastermind will put you in close contact with people who are building their creative businesses or have already built a profitable and successful company based on their art.

But is it right for everyone?

The answer to that question is still a resounding yes.

Masterminds are powerful networks that bring together like-minded individuals who are committed to mutual growth and success.

These groups are designed to offer support, guidance, and resources that can significantly elevate your creative endeavours.

So let’s dive in to explore what a creative mastermind is and how it can be the golden ticket to take you to your dreams.

What is a creative mastermind?

A creative mastermind is a group of individuals who come together to support each other’s creative goals.

They’re usually run by someone who has already had success in the area they’re teaching and coaching about.

Unlike traditional business masterminds, which may focus primarily on financial success, a creative mastermind places a strong emphasis on artistic and innovative pursuits.

They walk you through and support you in the process of building out a creative business, step by step.

Members of a creative mastermind share their experiences, insights, and expertise, fostering an environment where creativity can flourish.

Because let’s face it: artists tend to think a bit differently than straight-laced business people…sometimes we need a different way of working.

These groups typically meet regularly, either in person or virtually, to discuss challenges, brainstorm ideas, and hold each other accountable.

They give a creative flourish to the art of art-based business.

These days, creative masterminds usually have virtual components, which allow artists from around the globe to intermingle and interact.

The best creative masterminds, though, still have an in-person aspect that helps catapult success and put the virtual learnings into practice.

My creative mastermind does both. Included in the price is an art retreat at my mini castle in Scotland, where we dedicate laser-focused time to your artistic growth and business prowess.

Why do people join masterminds?

People join masterminds for various reasons, but the primary motivation is the pursuit of growth and improvement under the tutelage of a seasoned professional.

And, as an artist or creative, a mastermind designed specifically for your way of working and creating is invaluable. You’ll need different insights and systems than other business owners.

In fact, you’ll need to learn how to keep your art front and centre while also making a good living.

It’s a delicate balance that solopreneurs have a lot of trouble grasping.

Investing in a mastermind—both with your time and your money—can shave years off the process of building a business, because you benefit from the experience of someone who’s already been where you want to be.

And being part of a mastermind means you’re never alone in your journey.

You have a support network that understands your struggles and celebrates your successes.

Masterminds provide a structured environment where members can share knowledge, receive feedback, and stay motivated.

The collaborative nature of these groups can lead to breakthroughs and opportunities that might not have been possible alone.

So let’s get into the specifics of why joining a mastermind is a good idea…especially for creative entrepreneurs.

Reason 1: Get new perspectives on your business

One of the most valuable benefits of joining a creative mastermind is gaining new perspectives on your business or creative projects.

When you’re entrenched in your work, it’s easy to develop tunnel vision. We artists can be really stuck in our ways and then get frustrated when our ways don’t seem to be moving the needle toward financial success.

Mastermind members bring fresh eyes to your challenges and ideas.

They can offer insights and viewpoints that you might not have considered, helping you to see your work from different angles.

And because each member of a mastermind is at a different stage of building their business or growing in their artistry, a harmonious give-and-take process blossoms.

Plus, when a seasoned coach is running the show, you’re bound to get valuable advice and exclusive access to their experience and systems.

The diversity of a mastermind can lead to innovative ideas and strategies that can propel your work forward.

By embracing these new perspectives, you can avoid stagnation and continuously evolve your approach.

Reason 2: Receive valuable feedback

Constructive feedback is crucial for growth, and a mastermind provides a safe space to receive it.

In a creative mastermind, feedback is given with the intention of helping you improve.

Most masterminds have a built-in feedback system, wherein members can submit their work—artistic or business-related—and get structured feedback.

Unlike casual opinions from friends or family, the feedback from mastermind members is often more considered and relevant, because they understand the intricacies of creative work.

When presenting your ideas or projects to the group, you can expect honest and supportive feedback.

This input can help you refine your work, identify areas for improvement, and validate your ideas.

Plus, the regular feedback loop in a mastermind ensures that you’re constantly pushing forward and building momentum toward your goals.

Reason 3: Get access to experts

Most masterminds these days employ guest experts.

For instance, if you’ve joined a creative mastermind like the one that I run, you’ll have exclusive access to me as your business coach as well as regular sessions from experts in business tech, mindset mastery, and systems building.

Whether you need advice on marketing, technical skills, or creative techniques, there’s likely a guest coach who can help.

And it’s not just the ability to access those coaches and ask questions.

A great mastermind will offer regular, structured sessions and lessons with these coaches…

…because often, we don’t know what we don’t know.

During a session with a tech coach, you might learn that you need a system to capture email addresses from potential clients as well as a system to keep them on your email list.

Lost on how to implement that process? Not to worry: there’s a session to teach you that. 

These experts can offer guidance and mentorship, providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed.

Reason 4: Bounce your ideas around

Creativity thrives on collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

In a creative mastermind, you have the opportunity to bounce your ideas around and receive immediate feedback.

This process can help you refine your concepts and develop them into viable projects.

The group dynamic encourages brainstorming and collective problem-solving, making it easier to overcome creative blocks and find innovative solutions.

And that’s what the original concept of a mastermind was all about!

Just picture a group of artists and intellectuals at a coffee house in 18th-century Paris, exchanging ideas and building theories.

We’re better together, to be sure.

Moreover, discussing your ideas with others can spark new thoughts and directions that you might not have considered on your own.

The synergy of the group can lead to breakthroughs and inspire you to push the boundaries of your creativity.

By regularly engaging in these idea exchanges, you can keep your creative momentum going and continuously produce high-quality work.

Reason 5: Network and take new opportunities

Networking is a powerful tool for any creative professional, and a mastermind provides a fabulous platform to build valuable connections.

The relationships you form within a mastermind can lead to new opportunities, collaborations, and partnerships.

Members often share their networks, introducing you to potential clients, collaborators, or investors.

In fact, mastermind members often get a lot of work from other members or their connections.

And a lot of those connections can last a lifetime.

Some even meet their business besties in a mastermind and ride off happily into the entrepreneurial sunset together.

So, should you join a mastermind?

Joining a creative mastermind can be a transformative experience.

Part of that is that you’ve made an investment in yourself.

Think about it: if you’ve invested in a mastermind, you’re going to take advantage of the time you have on your membership and resources that come with it.

You can get more done in the few or several months of a mastermind than most will accomplish in years of trying to build a business on their own.

The benefits of gaining new perspectives, receiving valuable feedback, accessing expert knowledge, bouncing ideas around, and expanding your network can significantly impact your creative journey.

So, if you’re looking to kickstart your creative business and take years off the process, a creative mastermind might be exactly what you need.

They may seem like a costly investment up front, but just imagine the time and money they’ll save you when your business is making money faster than it would have otherwise.

The decision to join a mastermind is a personal one, but the advantages are clear.

By surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who are committed to mutual success, you can elevate your creative pursuits and achieve your goals more effectively.

So, if you’re an artist who’s ready to exit your ‘starving artist’ era, walk away from your office job, and make a comfortable living from your creative genius, it’s time to jump into a creative mastermind like the one I run.

Love & Colour

Mandy x

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